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The dynamic future is for those who think beyond the boundaries of present to discover new improvements and opportunities for greater success. However, success isn’t overnight, we believe it is the everyday efforts that adds up to long lasting accomplishment. Our formula is simple: we provide in-depth analysis, time-tested solutions with empowering technology and decades of professional experience to create impactful results. This is our value proposition, and we are here to help you achieve sustainable growth.

Frequently Requested Services

Business Consultancy

We see “problem” in a business as opportunities to enhance value. Ask our consultant what they do, and they’ll likely reply “We’re in the solutions business.” Ask our clients why would they hire us? Here are three common reasons:

Rent a brain: Business owners can face numerous challenges when it comes to operation. Hence, hiring someone with experiences and knowledge to resolve the problems is a more reliable option than trying to figure out the answer cluelessly. 

Manage change (and take the heat): Consultants are experts at fostering change in organizations, so if your midsized company is rife with internal squabbling concerning imminent changes, bringing in a consultant can break the logjam. Consultants know that they’re often brought in for political cover and will shoulder blame for unpopular changes such as reducing head count and other cost-cutting measures.

Teach and implement best practices. Consultants are often the leading experts in the fields they work in. They not only have academic and theoretical expertise, but they’ve also worked directly with leading companies to implement change. If you want best practices in areas such as management, then consultants are the best source available. Why try to invent a best practice when consultants have already implemented some with several clients?

Our business consultancy services will enhance your company’s strengths to compensate for the shortcomings, which creates direct positive impacts on the outcome of the company’s performance.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Getting organizations together through mergers and acquisitions (M&A), or disengaging them through separations and divestitures, considered among the most complex business activities an organization will undertake. The outcomes from a successful M&A can be game changing—while failure or underperformance can depress financial performance for years. With stakes this high, nothing can be left to chance. 

Therefore, achieving your business performance and continued growth demands a strategic roadmap and smarter insights. You can optimize every stage of the journey with Cheng & Co to address your planning, due diligence, negotiation, transactions, and post-deal integration—to help generate maximum value for the future of your business.

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Corporate Recovery and Insolvency

Business experience difficult time especially the season of pandemic. Both external and internal factors such as global recession, distress of assets or contracts, revenue, and cash flow issues, mounting debts, commercial disputes and lack of risk management expertise may lead to business failing to turnaround. When these internal restructuring (human resource, limit operation) and external restructuring (bank loans, investment) fail, the final steps to potentially salvage a business may rest in the restructuring / insolvency options provided by our Companies Act 2016

Cheng & Co specialize in providing business recovery and insolvency services to various stakeholders which include creditors, directors, equity holders, banks, and other interested parties. We serve both domestic and international clients and our services are covering both East & West Malaysia.

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