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Business License Application

Business License acts as an Identity Card for a company. Business needs to obtain a valid business licence in order to operate its business legally in Malaysia.

Service provided by our subsidiary Indah.


According to the Company Act, before a company starts its legal operation, it needs to comply with some form of licencing. Hence, holding a legitimate business licence is indeed fundamental for every company who wishes to start its business in Malaysia.

The business licence includes licenses, registrations, permits and approvals. A business needs to apply for a general license, sector/industry-specific licenses, or activity-specific licenses according to its type of business.


How Can Cheng & Co Help?

Cheng & Co has experienced team on applying for the business license. We provide one-stop services for an entrepreneur who wants to apply for different types of licenses for their companies. The client only needs to fill in the form, and pass us the required documents for applying for the licenses.

To know more about the business licenses, or to find out the required documents and form, click “Business Licenses.

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