IPO Financial Blueprint in Malaysia

Getting a blueprint to IPO

You’re working hard to make your company, not only a success, but a candidate for IPO in the future.

Prepping for IPO is not an easy road to take. With so many things to do plus problems to solve, it’s so easy for you to get sidetracked from your IPO goals without knowing it.

We’re here to help you. Our consultants understand your frustration, and are prepared with knowledge and experience to help you through it.

How it works

IPO is not something that decide and carry out within a year after deciding. The actual process may take that long. However, preparations must be made to in order to just reach that point, and it takes roughly 3 years. Our service is focused on getting your ready within those years.

By engaging us, we’ll act as your adviser on what you need to do to be ready for IPO. You’ll receive counselling and our precise input in many areas including the following:

  • forming your IPO roadmap;
  • the level of your company’s readiness for IPO;
  • compliance gaps as we conduct due diligence on your business to help rectify them; and
  • requirement gap with listing requirements.

Let’s get started

We can get started now. Your itinerary is as follows:

Step 1: call us to set an appointment with our representative

Step 2: get all needed documentation, sit down, and tell us everything

Step 3: discuss, agree, and action your chosen solution

How will you feel with us onboard?

  • always at home because we’re your entrepreneurial peer;
  • never lost as we constantly navigate you towards achieving your goals;
  • you’re finally moving ahead with fresh angles and perspectives; and
  • never left out because you’d be spoken to in your own lingo.

Stop Worrying!

You shouldn’t have to waste too much time and money figuring out how to do things.

Get Consult Now

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Frequently Asked Questions

What would be the first thing that I should look at when forming my IPO?

Our answer is in three words, which are your business models. One of the most fundamental requirements to be met in order to be eligible for an IPO is sustainability in revenue generation. Sustainability is possible mainly when you have a solid business model.

Therefore, upon engaging us, our immediate attention would be on whether you have a business model that is feasible and sustainable in the long run.

Why would I consider undergoing an IPO when I can sell shares to the public even if my company were unlisted?

Firstly, listing your companies allows for more transparency over your shares prices and your company’s financials as they become public information. This allows investors to assess and decide whether or not to buy your shares, instead of just refusing to buy because they know nothing about your company. Secondly, by complying with more stringent corporate governance requirements, as part of your listing requirements, your company’s profile as an investment and a borrower should improve. This, together with the first points, allows other financiers such as banks and bond investors to assess your company’s prospects, and thereby opening your company to the possibility of obtaining larger debt financing in the future.

Does your service extend to the actual IPO launch itself?

No, we are unable to help you manage your IPO launch itself, as only specialised banks and companies with licenses may help you on that matter. However, our services helps you to get to that point, and we, as part of our service, could recommend which of these licensed parties could best help your launch your IPO, thereby saving you time from having to look for them. Hence, even after our service ends, your IPO plan will continue as there will be someone else to assist you further.