Business Valuation Services in Malaysia

Why knowing your business value matters

You’re working hard to expand your company in size, and, thus, putting every effort you can to acquire financing to do so.

No one would lend or invest without knowing the true economic value of your company, and you’ve neither people nor time to get the most accurate figure.

We’re here to help you. Our consultants understand your frustration, and are prepared with knowledge and experience to help you through it.

How to kickstart

Upon initiating a valuation exercise, we’ll begin by examining your company’s financial records, including the following:

  • management accounts such as income statement, statement of financial position, and trial balance;
  • recent tax return forms;
  • recent auditors’ reports; and
  • company profile, detailing the following:
    – company background;
    – products; and
    – business structure and model.

These are just the beginning. More steps will come later and we’ll update you as our valuation exercise progresses.

We can get started now. Your itinerary is as follows:

  1. call us to set an appointment with our representative;
  2. get all needed documentation, sit down, and tell us everything; and
  3. discuss, agree, and action your chosen solution.

How will you feel with us onboard?

  • always at home because we’re your entrepreneurial peer;
  • never lost as we constantly navigate you towards achieving your goals;
  • you’re finally moving ahead with fresh angles and perspectives; and
  • never left out because you’d be spoken to in your own lingo.

Stop Worrying!

You shouldn’t have to waste too much time and money figuring out how to do things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need to do business valuations?

Business valuations are intended to give you the most precise figures for your assets and companies. Hence, why you’d need to do it is the same as why you’d need precise figures for your assets and companies.

Among common reasons to have business valuations done are as follows:
– to help you get the most out of your M&A deals;
– to help in determining the best price for shares that you’re selling when your company is unlisted;
– to facilitate legal settlements, especially in estate-related disputes involving shares, assets, and companies; and
– to facilitate better financial planning for your company, especially in knowing the actual value of your assets.

How do business valuations work?

There are many ways for valuations to be carried out. The following are some common methods used:
– Market Approach;
– Income Approach; and
– Cost Approach.

Can anyone do business valuations?

Currently, there is no specific laws forbidding someone from performing business valuations. Furthermore, there is no statute that regulates the process of business valuations.

However, given that this task is performed to facilitate execution of legal transactions such sale of shares and M&A deals, it is fair to say that one is recommended to have a qualified accounting and finance professional to complete the task. This is so because such a person would have to possess at least the minimum skills and experience in the field.