Commercial Due Diligence Consulting in Malaysia

Purpose of Due Diligence

In running your company, you’re ensuring that nothing wrong has taken place in your company, especially with regards to finances, tax, and the law.

You’re so busy, attending to every little problem, that you just don’t have the time to check your company’s financial, tax, and legal records before signing off to move ahead.

We’re here to help you. Our consultants understand your frustration, and are prepared with knowledge and experience to help you through it.

How it works

By engaging us, you could have a peace of mind, handling whatever that you need to handle, whilst letting us perform your:

  • financial due diligence;
  • tax due diligence; and
  • legal due diligence (performed by our partner, Law Office of Hann).

Let’s get started

We can get started now. Your itinerary is as follows:

Step 1: call us to set an appointment with our representative

Step 2: get all needed documentation, sit down, and tell us everything

Step 3: discuss, agree, and action your chosen solution

How will you feel with us onboard?

  • always at home because we’re your entrepreneurial peer;
  • never lost as we constantly navigate you towards achieving your goals;
  • you’re finally moving ahead with fresh angles and perspectives; and
  • never left out because you’d be spoken to in your own lingo.

Stop Worrying!

You shouldn’t have to waste too much time and money figuring out how to do things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is due diligence?

Every major decision entails risks, and you’d like to know the risks before deciding. Due diligence is the act of taking care by finding out, through legitimate means, everything you can about a company in order beware of the risks that you’ll face for each decision that you make.

What is a tax due diligence?

Tax due diligence is checking a company’s tax, financial, and other financial records in order to ascertain its tax risks.

By tax risks, we mean the risk that it isn’t or hasn’t met its tax obligations correctly, and also, in the case of a mergers and acquisition deal, the amount of tax that you’ll become liable to pay if you decide to acquire a particular company.

What is a legal due diligence?

Legal due diligence is basically checking all of a company’s legal records and documents (such as contracts and other agreements) in order to confirm level of legal risks that the company is and/or will face in the near future.

This is done mainly to help in deciding whether a company is worth buying because acquiring a company facing huge legal liabilities means that those liabilities will be your responsibilities as well.

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