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With the increasing trend of businesses trading internationally, the demand for information regarding doing business on a global scale is ever increasing. Regardless of the type of business, whether sourcing products to or from the global market, or physically incorporating a company overseas, business owners will need knowledge on the differences in the ways of doing business in different countries. You are likely to encounter many difficulties such as unfamiliar laws, unique legal rules, bureaucratic licensing rules, taxation, and accounting requirements, etc. Cheng & Co International Advisory is the solution centre to help you navigate all these hurdles of operating a business in the global market.

Our team has the knowledge and expertise to aid businesses in determining the location of interest to invest in, the key sectors and industries, as well as advice on financial status, technical and infrastructural fineness, the law requirements , business structure and any relevant information that is critical to the success of a business. Furthermore, our clients benefit the most by riding on our strong global connections and alliances that are equipped with professional knowledge and experience in handling technical matters involving business strategies and governance.

Frequently Requested Services

International Business Advisory
  • Advisory on cross-boundary business enquiries in Malaysia (Including Labuan), Hong Kong, China, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Island, Seychelles, Australia, and Singapore.
  • Advisory and assistance for entering and tapping into China’s market.
  • Prepare feasibility studies for specific industries or investments.
  • Conduct due diligence and reporting for business take-over.
Corporate & Secretarial Advisory Services
  • Consultation on setting up new companies in Malaysia (including Labuan companies), Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and other offshore jurisdictions.
  • Establishment and maintenance of statutory records.
  • Provision of virtual and registered office.
  • Other company secretarial functions.
Tax Structure Advisory
  • Tax Compliance Services for Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.
  • International tax advisory for companies or high net-worth individuals.
  • Offshore structures to reflect the challenges of market entry international trade and investment, wealth management, privacy and regulatory bodies.
Fund Structures Advisory
  • Pre and post launch advisory services.
  • Advice and assistance of fund structures.
  • Review and input on fund documentation.
  • Introduction of potential investors.
Worldwide Company Search & Credit Report
  • Company Information (Basic)
  • Financial Report
  • Credibility Report

Labuan Secretarial Division

Labuan Services

  • Secretarial 公司秘书
  • Foundation 成立基金会
  • Private Fund 私募基金
  • Company Formation 公司注册
  • Corporate Affairs 企业事务

Licenses Application

  • Leasing 租赁
  • Banking 金融
  • Factoring 保理
  • Insurance 保险
  • Commodity Trading 商品贸易

Hong Kong Corporate Secretarial Division

List of Services

  • Registration of Foundation注册基金会
  • Offshore Companies Incorporation注册离岸公司
  • International Trade Mark Registration注册国际商标
  • International Companies Incorporation注册海外公司
  • International Corporate Secretarial Services国际公司秘书服务


  • Hong Kong 香港
  • Australia 澳洲
  • Macau 澳门
  • China 中国
  • Southeast Asia 东南亚
  • Seychelles 塞舌尔
  • Samoa 萨摩亚
  • BVI 英属维尔京群
  • Cayman Islands 开曼群岛
  • Delaware 特拉华
  • Bermuda 百慕达
  • Belize 伯利兹

Inbound & Outbound Investment Advisory Representatives

Catherine Tan

Oh Yih Shan

Teo Yang Zhi

Aris Looi