Be a Professional Entrepreneur

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Our Culture

The Visionary Tree below symbolizes the evergreen sustainable life of Cheng & Co and its Group – forever growing, developing and producing. The journey to maintain and hold our strength, our knowledge and our result is constantly fertilized and fuelled by our people who have the Edge and the Energy to Energize and Execute (4Es) the professional services with Great Passion (P).

Our people have to possess Multi Culture, Multi-Skills, Multi-Competencies and Mobility (4Ms) to carry out their tasks and responsibilities everywhere to generate the Productivity, the Profit and the Prospect (3Ps) to benefit our customer, as well as our own people

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The Visionary Tree is the lighthouse for Cheng & Co. Group’s staffs to become a Professional Entrepreneur or Professional Practitioner.

We always have the ENERGY and know how to use our EDGE in work. We are trained to ENERGISE other people and show our PASSION for work.

We always train ourselves to be MULTI-SKILL and MULTI-COMPETENCIES. To cover and support our branches in different places, MOBILITY and MULTI CULTURE in our basic requirement.

With the right characteristic, PRODUCTIVITY, PROFIT, PROSPECT will then come along.

The Visionary Tree never ceases to grow, develop and produce and so will Cheng & Co and its Group’s continuing growing, developing and producing. Besides the growing tree, there are 3 common important criteria which we take into consideration during the admission of a partner. There is Character, Contribution, Competency & Commitment.


fundamentally required staff to carry out a positive attitude and behaviour which can adapt with Cheng & Cos’ culture, vision & mission.


is more on performance measurement and value-added into the organization.


Skill and experience to achieve company’s goal successfully and efficiently.


It required a staff’s self-devotion and passion on the job and thus it can able to provide a good platform for a staff future career development and prospect.

Why Join Us as Fresh Graduates/ Experienced

It’s important to constantly challenge and stretch yourself and not be stuck in a job where you don’t feel like you are growing or learning.

In Cheng & Co, we believe the importance of LEARNING & GROWTH which is one of the company core strategies and pillar. We believe that very employee is more potential than even the employee himself/herself realizes. Our strategy is to help employees unlock that potential. But it has to be a joint effort: you have to want to challenge and stretch yourself in order for it to happen. A series of Learning & Growth development program had has established.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Employees are to attend seminars, courses, talks, workshops, and lectures on technical and non-technical topics organized by the Firm. Whether In-house training or external training, employees are are required to earn a minimum of CPD points in a year based on the accumulated training hours attended.

Professional Leadership Development Program

Professional Leadership Development Program was launched on 11.11.2011. A program that especially to gratify and spot the future potential leader for Cheng & Co staffs. In order to support our professional growth, we are developing a “Professional Leadership & Technical Development Program” to attract and cultivate the high potential employees to be the leader of the future in responding to future challenges and continuous improvements in performance. Subject to satisfactory performance, the benefits to participants include:

  • Priority is given to managerial position available;
  • Better opportunity for promotion and career advancement;
  • Scope to improve inter-personal skills with dynamic leadership capabilities;
  • A subsidy is offered to attend the program; and
  • Others
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Cheng & Co Foundation

Essentially, we are on the ambitious aim of providing corporate social responsibilities in the field of education through the establishment of Cheng & Co Foundation. The main objectives which to offer scholarships/financial assistance to all the staff and children of the clients, associate in the Cheng & Co Group of Companies in the field of accountancy, tax, business administration, financial and commercial studies.

Study Support

An employee who are pursuing professional qualification and is in need of financial assistance but is unable to get it from any financial sources can approach the firm for a grant. The Study Support is granted on the condition that the employee has worked for one year in the firm. (Term & condition applied).

Company Conference

Annual Company Conference includes a trip, annual dinner, seminars/training are activities that benefit the employees and to bring the employees closer together to cultivate the relationship, friendship and colleagueship. These sessions will include team building activities which give employees the chance to learn more effectively over a much shorter period, reducing time away from work and bringing a tightly focused approach to skills development.

Training is about gaining the skills needed for a job. These may be learned at the place of work (on-the-job) or away from work (off-the-job). On-the-job training tends to be more cost-effective and relevant. However, off-the-job training is usually carried out by professional trainers. It also occurs away from the distractions of work.

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Why join us as intern?

Gain your valuable experience and mentoring with the local largest home-grown accounting firm.

Get a head start in your future career as you learn! We provide the best platform in the learning experience and exposure to students who have the urge to go the extra mile in expanding their knowledge in career enhancement.

You will make an excellent Intern if you are an undergraduate, and possess the following attributes.

  • Full-time enrolment in a University with a mandatory University internship requirement.
  • Open to all Certificate, Diploma and Degree Malaysian Students (Accounting & Finance)
  • Willing to learn and adapt to new working situations
  • Duration of the internship period is between 4 to 6 months

Our intake and placement based on suitability and mobility.

Internship applications are welcome all year round. Selection of applicant is subject to the availability of the respective Department. The internship program is offered in all Cheng & Co’s local and international offices You will be assigned to the Division that is related to your study field.


For application, the applicant can email his/her resume to our HR department at, and our HR department will notify the applicant if there are further updates.