Appoint Nominee Director & Shareholder

Get Your Nominee Director or Shareholder With Our Help

The process by which we go about getting your nominee director is as follow:

1. list the potential nominees that is suitable to your needs (screening will be done based on applicable fit and proper criteria);

2. present the shortlist to you, and you may select the one you wish to appoint;

3. in the upcoming board meeting, you may have the board draft a resolution to vote that this person become a director of the company;

4. once the resolution is passed, we will draft and submit relevant paperwork to appropriate authorities; and

5. in order to protect your company and your shareholding from risk of misuse by the nominee, we’ll prepare and have the candidate sign the following:
a) a Nominee Director’s Agreement
b) a Deed of Indemnity

The process of appointing a nominee shareholder is similar with different forms to be submitted. For example, instead of a Deed of Indemnity, for nominee shareholders, we’ll help you draft a Trust Deed instead.

It’s also possible for you to engage a candidate to serve as both nominee director and nominee shareholder. The main difference between this and having the nominee serving only in one capacity is mainly that the fees are higher for the former.

How is pricing determined for this service?

As nominee director or shareholder, the candidate is mostly called in as and when needed. Therefore, the fees chargeable are broken down in terms of what the nominee is asked to do.

  1. for engaging each nominee director or shareholder, or as both;
  2. for each set of documents that a nominee is called in to sign and approve;
  3. for each time a nominee is called to help open a bank account for your company;
  4. for the time that a nominee spent attending a meeting or representing your company; and
  5. courier charges.

The benefits of our service that you gain will outweigh the cost of engaging us. This is so because our pool of nominees are thoroughly screened and are trustworthy in character. Furthermore, we also take steps to ensure that legal means such as Nominee Director Agreement are executed and enforced in order to protect your interest. Lastly, our fees are a broken down into separate services that you may choose to include or leave out. Therefore, you may manage your spending to the point that you’re comfortable with.

For exact figures of applicable fees, please book an appointment with our representative to speak about the services that you require.

Provided By Our Partner

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Simon Yeo Hann

Managing Partner of Law Office of Hann

Mr. Simon Yeo Hann

Simon graduated with Information System & Law combined degree from University of Tasmania in 2003 and was admitted to the Tasmanian Bar, Malaya Bar and Sarawak  Bar respectively. He practiced law for 5 years in Sarawak with emphasis on  conveyancing and family law practice before becoming a legal advisor in an emerging  corporate recovery firm in Kuala Lumpur. 

He became a partner with Kamil Hashim Raj & Lim from 2014 to 2016, where he  helmed the Kuala Lumpur Office which specialised in all matters related to corporate recovery including court liquidation, receivership matters and voluntary winding up. 

In 2017, he founded The Law Office of Hann, a legal firm that focus on corporate legal  advisory, corporate structuring and recovery, Breach of Trust – Nominee Services. 

His primary area of practice includes legal compliance with Companies Commission of  Malaysia (CCM) and Malaysia Department of Insolvency and corporate structuring  advisory.

He has been the Chief Legal Advisor for CC International Berhad and the Cheng & Co  Platform since 2015.

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