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Develop your confidence, and ability to radically grow your business with an army of corporate service experts. Invest in your business, not in paperwork.

For business leaders who want to have

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Smooth entry and setup in Malaysia

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Long-term support for growth and expansion

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Smooth succession of leadership

Are you facing growth challenges for any of these reasons?

You’re lacking a clear financial strategy.

There’s no plan from where you are to what’s next, and you’re spending for all the financial reports prepared but not sure how it helps the business.

What if all it took was having the right expertise to interpret and analyze in order for you to make optimal business decisions throughout the year?

Your management system is outdated.

Your sales team are reporting good sales figure, but inventory informs you that there is a lack of sufficient stock to meet the new order.

What if you have a real-time reporting system on your financial standing? Could the sales team close more deals without worrying about inventory?

Your time and energy are wasted on fixing compliance issue.

You’ve been trying to understand the ever-changing laws and regulation that would affect your business but just couldn’t get it right.

Imagine actually being able to focus back on the thing matters the most for you to grow your business?

You need more from your finance team.

You need to know: what roles to hire for; how to train and retain; and can’t afford to make any mistakes.

If you invest your budget in a well-trained, outsourced account team, how much money and effort would you save by ending frequent turnover?

You need sanity checks on partnerships as well as mergers and acquisitions.

You don’t want to be blind to critical decision factors by the excitement that would not only sink the deal, but your own business as well.

What if you are able to determine the value of the deal so that you don’t overpay?

Your need help in understanding the complex relationship between you and your business.

You’ll need (and want) some of your business profits to be transferred to you (as income, dividends, or a combination of both) at some point so that you can use them in your personal life.

Won’t it be better to enjoy the benefits of your hard work with the most tax efficient way to pay yourself?

Your cash flow (a.k.a. lifeblood of business) is poorly-managed.

You need to have a budget for cash flow, or a cashflow forecast. There’s no reason to think that doing the same things that got them through yesterday will get them through today.

Imagine finally having a peace of mind, knowing your budget and cash flow numbers are accurate, and aligned with your personal and business growth goals!

You seek a trusted source of information.

There’s no end in sight for the knowledge and skills you’re required to obtain in order to run your business.

Think of the possibility of having a trusted, entrepreneurial accountant that connects you to other like-minded professionals who may guide your business forward.

We walk the entrepreneurial journey so that you can:

  • Find us in various cities in the Peninsular and in KK
  • Talk with someone who knows your industry well
  • Get problems solved cost-effectively
  • Know that your advisor is stable moneywise and visible as we are listed on Bursa’s LEAP
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Meet a compliance and business advisor to help you
advance your business, mitigate risk & penalty
from start-up to thriving stage

Launch your dream business with expert guidance.

Navigate financial challenges with confidence and clarity.

Outsource your accounting to trusted professionals.

Simplify your human resources and payroll processes.

Optimize your tax strategy and stay compliant with LHDN.

Preserve and grow your family wealth across generations.

Protect yourself and your business with adequate insurance coverage.

Prepare for the future of your business with succession planning.

4 Simple Steps to Get Your Business on the Right Track

Discover how easy it can be to stay on top of your numbers and achieve your business goals.

Schedule an appointment

Share your needs and goals with our friendly business consultants so we can better understand your business.

Receive a tailored proposal

After analyzing your business needs and goals, our experts will work out a solution proposal aligned to your requirements.

Sign up for our services

Don’t let the lack of financial knowledge cost your business more than you know. Sign an engagement with us and let our experts will help you navigate rapid business growth and avoid common financial obstacles.

Keep Learning

We’re committed to your success. Receive ongoing educational resources, webinars, and case studies from us to increase your business financial skills and knowledge.

What to expect when you work with entrepreneurial professional

  • You’d feel at home with us because we’re as entrepreneurial-minded as you are.
  • You’d never feel lost as you have us for a strategic partner to help you with your decisions.
  • You’d feel that you’re moving ahead as your problems are being approached from new angles and perspectives.
  • You’d never feel left out because you’d be spoken to, not at, in your own lingo, not in jargons.

Hear from the people who have experienced
the results you’ve been waiting for

“We had engaged with Cheng & Co Group since 2018. We are very satisfied with their professional services and their ability to deliver comprehensive solutions to our complex needs. Besides, Cheng & Co Group enabled us to fulfill our compliance requirement timely.”

Tony Ong

CFO of Evergreen Max Cash Berhad

“We are very pleased with the business relationship we share with Cheng & Co Group. They are friendly and are always helpful and you will surely enjoy more than what you pay for.”

Ruzilah Mohammd Alias

COO of Regov Technologies Sdn Bhd

“They are knowledgeable and always respond to any questions or concerns we have in a professional manner.”

Liz Lee

Account Manager of Continental Platform (M) Sdn Bhd

“Better than Big 4. Keep up the good work. It’s the speed of response and frankness towards what is being asked. We all know the law. Just not many will make a quick analysis to confirm your thoughts or to tell you frankly (you might want to consider). Most want to bill you. Here at least its fair.”

PIC of International financial and strategic consulting firm founded in 2015

“The team’s service is beyond our expectations and they are flexible and smart in solving some of our major issues.”

Michelle Khoong

Legal Manager/ Director of Puretech Global Sdn Bhd

“Great support provided and not always change PIC, I can easily to get to the PIC. Promptly reply from the team.


CFO of Snowfit Malaysia Sdn Bhd

“When I got the issue or problem, they will settle and give the solution”


Account Executive of Glocon Builder Sdn Bhd

“Very helpful, solve problems in a professional way, communication very good and got achievement.”


Admin & Accounts of Express Value Sdn Bhd

“Professional service and reporting on time. No delay.”

Roy Lim

Operations Director of Brunsfield Tusstar Sdn Bhd

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