Virtual CFO

Why you might need a Virtual CFO

You’re working hard to ensure that your company’s debt level, cash flows, and financial reporting are A-OK.

You’ve so many questions that need quick answers, but you’ve got no personnel to help you out in time.

It does not require you to pay monthly, nor annually. You can use our services once you confront any difficulties almost instantly by these steps: book, pay and meet virtually. For the meeting, we will arrange different expertise in your areas of struggles.

How it works

The Virtual CFO is simple hotline for any issues you’ve got that need a quick answers. By signing up, you get to speak with our consultant about your problem and get help in coming up with a solution.

Our fee is an hourly rate of RM249, excluding 6% SST.

Some common questions that we get asked frequently concern the following:

  • budgetary system;
  • current financial position or standing, which entails:
    – reviewing your company’s financial statements; and
    – assessing your company’s performance against its budgets;
  • working capital requirements;
  • cash flow optimization;
  • tax estimates and benefits;
  • internal control and business processes;
  • quarterly financial reporting framework;
  • current updates on business laws and regulations, including taxation; and
  • accounting or bookkeeping issues.

Let’s get started

Step 1: Call us to set an appointment with our representative.

Step 2: Get all needed documentation, sit down, and tell us everything.

Step 3: Discuss, agree, and action your chosen solution.

Stop Worrying!

You shouldn’t have to waste too much time and money figuring out how to do things.

One to One Consultation + Free Cash Flow Template

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do each session with your Virtual CFO last only an hour?

No, it can last longer, depending if you have more questions to ask our consultants.

What if the issue couldn’t be settled by your Virtual CFO because we need you to actually come down, take a look at our problems, and devise a solution that could take weeks or months?

We have our CFO support services for that. You could always engage our Virtual CFO first to see whether the problem can be solved in one sitting. If the problem requires further engagement, our Virtual CFO will refer your case to our CFO support services for further examination and discussion.

When would I need to engage you to conduct financial statement review?

Financial statement reviews may be necessary to when you have to:

– submit it to a bank(s) (e.g., to apply for loans or their help in listing);
– make it available to an auditor, who will have to share any finding with other parties; and
– use it to forecast account for tax purpose.

What sort of tax issues does your CFO support service often deal with?

We commonly get enquiries pertaining to tax estimations (6th and 9th month revision), capital allowance calculation, and interest restriction.

What sort of accounting issues that I might face?

Common accounting challenges include the following:

– double entries for a one-off transaction;
– depreciation calculation and provision;
– hire purchase calculation;
– term loan, reclassing between short term and long term; and
– gain/loss on disposal of an asset.

What sort of challenges related to cash flows that I might face?

Related to your company’s cash flows, your challenges may include the following:
– guide on cash flow preparation;
– guide on Profit and loss preparation; and
– guide on commitment calculation.