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Why Outsource Your HR & Payroll

Outsource your HR and Payroll processes to: control your spending by transactional fees, and not by HR/payroll headcounts; boost your HR & payroll processes’ compliance with labour laws; and free up your budget for your core business instead.

Benefits of Outsourcing HR & Payroll

Achieve Cost Savings

Turn your HR and payroll cost into a scalable cost by doing away with paying for a HR/payroll staff per day, and instead pay for processing/services per transaction.

Achieve Better Regulatory Compliance

Via industrial best practices, let your vendor get your HR and payroll processing done, while ensuring full compliance with applicable laws, including labour laws, and income tax requirements.

Scale Your Spending Up or Down Anytime

With no maximum or minimum imposed, increase or decrease your usage of the vendor’s services at any time in order to meet your company’s needs precisely.

Focus More Resources on Your Core Business

Leave it to your vendor’s team of capable professionals to handle your company’s HR and payroll tasks, and let yourself and your staff handle more of your company’s core business.

Our Comprehensive HR & Payroll Services

We offer a full suite of HR and Payroll services, covering every essential task, in order to help your company run smoothly, and operating in full compliance with applicable regulations.

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Payroll Processing

In managing your current employees’ HR status, we process your staff’s salaries and wages, which includes making applicable statutory deductions (income tax, EPF, SOCSO, and EIS), and also calculating their unpaid leaves and entitled claims.

Recruitment & Onboarding

To help you recruit and onboard the right people more quickly, we offer supporting services including pooling candidates, liaison with specialist recruiters, getting referrals, drafting employment letters/contracts, and processing new hires.

HR Advisory & Compliance

We offer HR advisory services to help your company align with HR best practices and remain compliant with applicable regulations. The scope of our advisory services includes job advertisements, offer letters, employee handbooks, and staff policies.

Training & Development

To help your company get the most out of its spending on training and developing your staff, we offer our services in arranging HRDF-approved professional training.

Termination & Offboarding

We offer professional advisory service to help you smoothen your staff termination process while complying with applicable laws.

How We Deliver Exceptional HR & Payroll Services?

We offer top-notch HR advisory services through our team of expert advisers. 

We offer excellent payroll services via our team of payroll professionals, and various cloud payroll solutions.

Cloud Payroll Solutions

Our cloud payroll solutions are user-friendly, secured applications that facilitate payroll processing by enabling users to provide payroll-relevant data, such as leave applications, expense claims, and work attendance, and also performing the calculations needed to produce monthly pay figures.

Expert HR & Payroll Team

Our team of HR advisors and payroll processors are seasoned and qualified to handle your HR and payroll processes respectively, whilst ensuring that, in achieving effectiveness, your company’s HR and payroll processing are in full compliance with applicable laws.

Why Choose Us?

Unparalleled Expertise Driven by Our Experienced Team

With decades of experience in HR management, payroll processing, and strategic development, our team of seasoned professionals have been delivering exceptional HR and payroll services.

Mr. Alex Kang Sin Loon (Strategy Development & Human Resource Director)

Executive Team Management Representative Alex Kang Sin Loon

MBA (Twintech)

Mr. Kang has been with us since 2010 and has over 18 years of HR experience. As the Strategy Development and HR Director, he is an expert in HR best practices and laws, providing invaluable advisory services to our clients on HR matters.

Mr. Tai Ming Ming (Head of Global Business Services)

TAI MING MING scaled e1676953686131


Mr. Tai is an accountant with over 20 years of professional experience in corporate accounting, audit, and taxation. As the Head of our Global Business Services, he oversees our HR and payroll outsourcing operations, leveraging his extensive knowledge to ensure optimal results for our clients.

Ms. Oh Kah Yein (Outsourcing Payroll Assistant Manager)

Executive Team Management Representative Oh Kah Yein

Certified Human Resource Officer (MIHRM)

Ms. Oh has been with us since 2019, bringing 7 years of experience in payroll and administration. She is currently pursuing advanced education in Human Resource Management. In her role, Ms. Oh manages and performs payroll processing for our clients, ensuring accurate and timely results.

Steps in Signing On With Us

Begin your journey towards improved HR and payroll processing via our simple four-step process:

Step 1: Reach Us

Share with us your HR and payroll requirements, along with pertinent supporting documents for our analysis.

Step 2: Review & Approve Quotation

After reviewing your request, we’ll issue you a quotation. If you agree, sign the quotation and return it to us.

Step 3: Set Up Your Cloud Payroll Solution

We’ll install your chosen cloud payroll solution, and calibrate it for your staff’s use by inputting your staff’s details into the system.

Step 4: You Upload, We Process, and You Approve

Your company’s role would be to upload relevant details (e.g., leave applications, approved expense claims, and attendance) into the system. We access all details to produce your payroll reports and payslips. You then inspect the payroll reports for accuracy, and provide approval, if everything is satisfactory.

Outsource Your HR & Payroll Management Today

Benefit from outsourcing your HR and payroll tasks to us now. Shave off time and money whilst ensuring better compliance to allow you to focus on your core business activities. 

Contact us today to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is there to stop you from leaking my employees’ data?

We are bound by Personal Data Protection Act 2010. In the Act, we are expressly prohibited from sharing anything with a third party without a written consent from your employee. Therefore, we would be liable legally for any leakage on our part. Rest assured, every precaution is taken to protect all data, yours and ours.

How much control will I have over my HR process?

You will have as much control as you’d like. You’re the boss. Especially when it comes to payroll, we’d need your approval before proceeding with the bank transfers into employees’ bank accounts.

How scalable is your HR outsourcing service?

It’s completely scalable. You may hire us just to do payroll processing if you feel that the cost-benefit mix is optimal at that point. Speak to our representative now to get the best advice on how to optimize your HR budget with us.

What is so great about ProB CloudHR solution?

It’s accessible from any location but protected by passwords and OTPs generates documents such as pay slips automatically upon request. Your employee can apply for leave from anywhere, and you may respond anytime via the software.

What’s the price range for your service fee?

You’ll need to speak with our representative to get an exact figure that is applicable to you. However, to give you a better picture, the service fee is paid monthly, and it depends on the number of headcounts that we are to process for you. Any addition or shrinkage in headcount will be reflected in the upcoming service fee.

How much cost savings will I enjoy?

The service fee per headcount does increase as headcounts grow but in ranges. This enables you to control the amount that you’d wish to spend by controlling your headcount or controlling the headcount that you’d like for us to service.

If we engage your services, when would you make payroll payments?

We’d go as required by law and also in accordance with best practices. By law, payroll deadlines are as follows: u0026lt;img src=u0022 However, these are merely mandatory deadlines. In order to maintain good relations with your employees, we strive to make salary payments to your employees either on the day that you specify or as soon as the wage period ends.

We’re new and we don’t have a HR process yet. Can you help us set it up? How would you go about it?

Yes, we can. We’d start with registering you with LHDNM, KWSP, and PERKESO in order to enable you to make the statutory deductions on behalf of your employees. Your registration with LHDNM would be done immediately as it should have been when incorporating your company. The registration with KWSP is mandatory within 7 days after your company becomes liable to make EPF contributions. With PERKESO, we’d register you to make SOCSO and EIS contributions within 30 days after it becomes applicable to your company (for SOCSO) and industry (for EIS).

In performing payroll services for us, what else would you have to do?

Our basic payroll processing procedures encompasses the following maintaining your monthly staff salary listing remitting salaries to their your employees’ bank accounts issue soft copies of pay slips to respective employees; and prepare and issue EA forms to your employees annually.

Assuming that we engage you for full payroll service, what would be our role in the process?

Our payroll processing procedure can be described into the following steps: Submissions all payroll-related documents to ProB. ProB generates that payroll payment plan for the month based on the documents submitted. Prior to actioning the payroll payment plan, it must be given due approval. Payments, to employees and statutory bodies, are made in accordance with payroll payment plan, whilst receiving receipts; and. ProB generates payroll payment reports and pay slips for the month. Your role lies in steps 1 and 3. Payroll-related documents such as medical receipts and commission slips are submitted by yourself or your employees. This is done electronically via our ProB CloudHR Solution. Before we make the necessary payments, we require you to review the figures, calculations, and other payroll details for any errors, and give your approval if it is satisfactory.

How good is ProB in managing our employees’ documents?

Among the features of our ProB CloudHR Solution are that: it reminds users of any deadline set (e.g., payroll cut-off dates for submitting payroll-related documents); it captures and digitalise staff records; and it tracks all employees’ info. Therefore, you can actually manage and settle your staff HR matters quickly. This is in contrast with manual operations by a human-staffed HR function, whereby any decision or document would have to go through at least one or two persons before it is approved and actioned.

Are the access to ProB the same for everyone, or could we actually assign different access to different persons?

The level of access assigned to you and your employees are is up to you. You may assign authority to perform functions, such as the authority to process and to approve leaves, to different persons in order to ensure that every task, especially those high risk of frauds, be divided and properly segregated.

How long would it take for ProB’s system to action any request that we put?

It might depend on your internet connection and also whether you’ve submitted all required documents or info for the particular action. However, on average, you could spend as little as 5 minutes a month on payroll with ProB CloudHR Solution.

What if ProB failed to capture accurate data on an employee’s attendance?

ProB CloudHR Solution is designed to automate many HR processes by your design. Therefore, in the case of attendance, if the system fails to capture accurate data, then you may upload your data into our system in order to correct the error.

What areas do you cater to in HR consultancy?

Our HR consulting covers many areas including the following: HR documentation; HR systems; Retrenchment and downsizing; performance management; salary structure review and management; preparing performance imporvement plans (PIP); hiring and termination policies and procedures; HR related project works; and year-end processing reports.