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Cheng & Co through its wholly-owned subsidiary, CC Advisory, licensed and regulated by Securities Commissions and Bank Negara Malaysia to provide boutique wealth management services.

Because Life’s Complicated Enough

Building a business can be challenging, exciting, and deeply personal. We understand that. CC Advisory is here to assist you manage your ownership and growth at every stage, in a way that fits to your business vision and core values.

Frequently Requested Services

Cash Management Solutions

We provide a tax free solution and higher return than fixed deposit with no lock in, no entry or exit fee.

Business Risk Insurance
Family Office

Most successful families are built on their entrepreneurship and thriving family businesses. In fact, family business assets are often comprised of more than 50% of the family wealth. Family businesses that have persevered over generations despite changing conditions strive to break the old saying of wealth does not last beyond three. Therefore, CC Family Office have served clients that arrives at the decision to start a single-family or multi-families office from different points. CC Family Office facilitate the business founders to establishing what they want to achieve as a family, thus putting the necessary structure and processes in place. We always prioritize wealth preservation and creation, while plan when comes to succession and transition to the next generation.

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Employee Benefit

(A) Corporate Private Retirement Scheme (PRS)

Maximize your company’s tax saving and accumulation of retirement fund for your directors and employees.


What are the difference between EPF and Corporate Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) schemes?

EPF Corporate Private Retirement Scheme

EPF is mandatory pension schemes as all private sector employees in Malaysia are mandated by law to participate EPF scheme by contributing a portion of their salary (currently the contribution is mandated at 11%) towards their retirement savings.

 Governed by the Employees Provident Fund Act 1991 (EPF Act) and reflects the contributions of both employee and employers.

Corporate PRS is voluntary pension schemes which the minimum contributions to the voluntary
schemes are not mandated by law.

 It is established by a corporation in order to provides a tax incentive (LHDN Public Ruling No.9/ 2014 subsection 34(4)) for employers to contribute towards their employees’ retirement savings which subject to a maximum 19% of the employee remuneration.

The majority of these savings can only be withdrawn at the retirement age and the rest of the contribution can only be withdrawn under specific circumstances.


(B) Group Medical Benefits

Our innovative Group Medical COMBO plan brings you

  • Cost hedging on medical insurance premium
  • High coverage and sustainable by lowering portfolio risk
  • Inflation adjusted coverage at 10% increment every 3 years
  • Portable feature (Gift to Employee)
Business Succession Planning (BSP)

Business succession planning provides business continuity and/or exit solution for business owner. It gives an idea of how a business can continue after the retirement, death, disability or leave of the current owner. In this narration, a business succession plan helps to serve as a preparation plan for a business when the business owner encounters any uncertainties.


Is the capital guaranteed?

  • Capital is preserved.

What differentiates you from a bank?

  • We provide you a platform that can access 10 CMF with free from switching from provider to provider.

Why is it tax free?

  • It is the retail fund that the interest earning is considered capital gain.

How to use CMS?

  • Keep 3 times monthly operating expenses budget in your account and the surplus can transfer to CMF.

Any supporting document to prove tax free?

  • Tax voucher.

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