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Develop your confidence, and ability to radically grow your business with business finance consultant.
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Plan to grow big

You’re planning to grow your company bigger by: buying and merging other companies into yours; getting your company ready for IPO; and getting that big loan to buy a plant that your company needs to prosper.

But, plans are on hold

However, your plans are on hold because you haven’t been able to address the following:

  • which company to buy;
  • how make your company IPO-ready in the future;
  • the actual value of your company for the loan application;
  • whether the company is paying all its taxes; and
  • the latest regulatory updates relevant to your accounting.

What’s in for you to get consult?

We’re here to help you. Our consultants understand your frustration, and are prepared with knowledge and experience to help you through it.

Your first step to engaging our help is to contact us in order to make an appointment to meet and discuss the problem with our consultant.

How to get started

We can get started now. Your itinerary is as follows:

  1. call us to set an appointment with our representative;
  2. get all needed documentation, sit down, and tell us everything; and
  3. discuss, agree, and action your chosen solution.

How will you feel with us onboard?

  • always at home because we’re your entrepreneurial peer;
  • never lost as we constantly navigate you towards achieving your goals;
  • you’re finally moving ahead with fresh angles and perspectives; and
  • never left out because you’d be spoken to in your own lingo.

Stop worrying!

You shouldn’t have to waste too much time and money figuring out how to do things.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I consider your Mergers and Acquisition service?

Mergers & acquisitions pertains to the buying of other companies, and merging them into your own. The process doesn’t complete overnight. It usually takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months to execute. We assist you whether you’re the one buying or you’re actually looking to sell your company.

If I’m the one buying, what would be the most common problem I’d face?

Typical problems that you’d encounter include the following:

– knowing which companies that you’ve targeted to buy pose unacceptable risks to you (e.g., imagine if one had incurred debts beyond your ability to repay, thereby could drive your company to bankruptcy);
– knowing all needed paperwork not just to get the transaction done, but also to protect you from any unforeseen liability; and
– knowing the best way to restructure your company in order to prepare for a successful merger with the acquired company.

Why would I want to sell my company?

Your reasons may include the following:

– it might just improve your company’s chances of having a successful IPO in the future if you have a major, solid investor as a controlling shareholder;
– you’ve got the brand but not the means to become a major one, and so merging into a bigger company, with your brand taking the lead might just get you where you wanted to go

When should I consider your pre-IPO advisory service?

Have you ever thought of listing your company in the securities market? It isn’t as uncommon for start-ups to do so today as it was in past times. However, there are many steps and requirements that you must deal with in order to be ready for listing, and they can be very complex.

Some may look consider it only after running their companies for a while. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with getting a head start.

Therefore, even when just beginning to run your company, a competent pre-IPO advisor can help guide your company performing towards achieving readiness for listing in the future.

Why would I need help in business valuations?

In a nutshell, business valuation is estimating the value of your company, or perhaps just your shareholding. It sounds simple because financial details are available in financial statements.
However, providing an accurate, up-to-date value of your shareholdings or company means that, in addition to looking at past accounting data, you’ll need to conduct extensive research to factor in other info not found in accounting records.

For example, if your company’s goodwill has increased significantly in recent months, marked by rising revenue, this would not have been captured in the latest financial statements. Furthermore, the value of goodwill is very subjective that it isn’t part of a normal accounting routine to keep track of it.
Therefore, you’d need help from a business valuation consultant to deal with those details that cannot be found in your accounting records. Moreover, there are actually many methods of business valuation to choose from. Knowing which one is best for your purpose also requires understanding regulatory requirements.

When is due diligence is crucial to me?

Due diligence is essentially reasonable care that you must take by doing all appropriate checking before agreeing to or approving anything.

We specialise in conducting financial, tax, and legal due diligence.

The reasons that you’d conduct due diligence may include the following:

– to confirm whether your company’s tax obligations are being settled correctly (i.e., in order to avoid the risk of you personally and your company being penalised by tax authorities for tax evasions);
– to confirm whether your company’s accounting records and financial statements have been prepared correctly (i.e., in order to avoid risks of penalties as well as frauds that could leak significant amount of cash out of your company); and
– to confirm whether a potential borrower or a prospect for acquisition is solvent (i.e., in order to ensure that they won’t burden your company is debts even your company cannot repay).

What exactly is CFO support service?

A CFO is essentially the person in your company who manages your company’s finances. This chiefly involves being in charge of your company’s accounting, treasury, and financing activities. This is a senior-management position, and, thus, it isn’t always economical to hire one on a full-time basis, especially for a lean start-up company.

If you’re running one, the chances are that you, in addition to being CEO, would also wear the CFO’s hat. However, accounting and finance may not be your strong suits, despite how extremely important that you ensure that your company’s finances are managed properly.

Therefore, our CFO support service is essentially your CFO brain for hire. Similar to a counselling hotline, essentially a CFO like yourself may call on our consultant to analyse your problem, and produce a viable solution.