Pre-borrowing Health Check

💼 Step into a Stress-Free Loan Application with Our Pre-Borrowing Health Check! 💼

Why Choose Pre-Borrowing Health Check?

Forget about those confusing bank terminologies and tedious application processes! Our Pre-Borrowing Health Check is here to be your personal financial fitness trainer, prepping your business for the ‘financial marathon’ aka loan application.

Who Can Benefit?

If you’re a SME that’s been in business for at least 3 years, this is the perfect starting block for you! You can’t run a marathon without some prior practice, right?

What You Need to Get Started

Ready to lace up your financial running shoes? We’ll need:

  • Your latest 3 years audited reports (it’s like your ‘training history’)
  • Your 6-month bank statement (we like to call it your ‘fitness diary’)
  • Your existing bank account details (think of it as your ‘gym membership’)

Meet Your Pre-Borrowing Health Check Facilitator

Say hello to Mr. Selvanathan, your dedicated Pre-Borrowing Health Check Facilitator! He’s your very own ‘financial coach’ with over three decades of experience in the banking sector, ensuring your loan application process is as smooth as a treadmill run.

Mr. Selvanathan is a well-rounded finance expert who previously served as Finance Director and Head of Credit Control at Cheng & Co Group. With a wealth of experience, he’s ready to help you assess your business’ financial health and advice you on how to get the right facilities!

How Much Does It Cost?

The ‘entry fee’ for this race? It depends on how ‘fit’ your business is. Like a personalized workout plan, the service fee range varies based on the complexity of your case. But don’t sweat it! If we cross the finish line together and secure your loan, we can discuss a negotiable rate.

Ready, Set, Go!

Ready to cross the loan application finish line stress-free? Fill out our form to sign up for a virtual meeting with Mr. Selvanathan, your dedicated Pre-Borrowing Health Check Facilitator. Don’t wait till the starting gun fires, register today to be one of the smart business owners who cross the ‘loan application’ finish line stress-free!

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