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Tax audits are essentially requests by LHDNM or Customs to produce the source documents to support your submissions. It’s a routine exercise, and it doesn’t mean that you or your company is necessarily in trouble.

Tax investigations are more serious than audits because they’re generally conducted when there are strong evidence to warrant suspicions that you or your company had committed tax evasion, a criminal offence.

If you don’t handle either properly, you could end up being charged with committing an offence and unnecessarily receiving severe penalty. Our tax audits and investigations service helps you to do just that.

In order for you to manage your composure, and also reactions that you get from tax authorities during tax audits and investigations, you should be the following:

  • ready to face tax audits and investigations;
  • cooperative by fulfilling tax authorities’ request, not by avoiding them;
  • diligent in seeking resolutions that works for you and them; and
  • active in following-up on correcting your tax flaws.

Having said that, let’s talk more about how we can help you achieve the above.

Be Ready

Be ready means to know what to expect and how to deal with it. We help you ready yourself in ways including the following:

  • counsel you on areas that you need to improve and also how to go about doing so in order to be ready, including in:
    – filing tax returns;
    – tax payments;
    – tax estimates;
    – record-keeping; and
    – tax accounting treatments;
  • relating to counselling we provide, we conduct health checks on your tax compliance, and so we, and thus, you, will know exactly where you are, and where you should be;
  • clearing up grey areas in tax laws by asking tax authorities on your behalf for exact clarifications;
  • facilitating voluntary disclosure of non-compliance by yourself to tax authorities by helping you to negotiate for leniency in the penalty that you’ll receive.

Be Cooperative

Now we come to post-readiness and into the audit/investigation. The important thing about is that you should be cool-headed and cooperative in helping tax authorities to get their jobs done. To help you cooperate better, in addition to the preparation that we help you with, we will act as your liaison with the tax authorities. That means you speak with each other through us. We speak on your behalf to the tax authorities, and we will communicate what they want from you to you.

Be Diligent

Now, if they find no fault, it shouldn’t come to this point. However, in case they have findings or found that you haven’t complied fully with tax laws, we’ll help to be diligent in seeking resolution. We’ll first analyse their findings on behalf. Should the findings be genuine, we’ll come up with and communicate alternative solutions to your problems. If the tax authorities charges you with an offence, we’ll help you through drafting and submitting an appeal to the tax authorities. If they are adamant on the charges, we’ll help you to negotiate for leniency or better terms of penalty.

Be Active

Now we come to post-audit or post-investigation. They have charged you, you’ve been fined or received another sort of penalty, and you’ve agree to cooperate. This doesn’t mean just paying fines or doing time. It also means not letting it happen again. Therefore, our service also includes following-up with you on all remedial measures agreed upon to in order to prevent repetition of the same offence.

The 4 Be’s are not just principles for you to follow. They describe the process by which we help you deal with tax audits and investigations.

How is pricing determined for this service?

The exact figures chargeable is not fixed. It depends on many factors, including general economic conditions, and also the amount of work to be done. Therefore, you’ll need to speak with our representative, who will provide you with a quotation for exact services that you need from us. However, we’d like to point out that fees for tax audits and tax investigations are different in amount, and are not charged together. Thus, you’d need to tell our representative which one of the two or if it is both that you need.

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