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Outsource Costly, Repetitive Tasks to Us

Are you managing costs of routine but critical tasks?

There is no doubt that you’ve had to, and that you still have to manage your spending for all processes in your company. At the very least you’d have to spend on the following on a daily or weekly basis:

  • your accounting; and
  • your HR.

These functions don’t generate revenue, and so they can kill profitability if their costs are not managed. The following are examples of cost drivers:

  • headcounts to perform the functions;
  • technologies to help the headcounts to perform their functions; and
  • training for these headcounts to keep abreast with law and best practices.

Outsource These Functions

Outsourcing means hiring another company to perform the tasks for you. In return, you only pay a service fee periodically. The amount would partly be based on the number of headcounts used to serve you.

However, outsourcing firms serve multiple clients at any given time, and, therefore, unused headcounts can simply be shifted to serve other clients. Therefore, if the workload to serve you falls, they’ll just shift their headcounts to other clients, and, thus, you’ll be billed just for actual headcounts used to serve you.

Getting the same level of service and competent as you might if you’d hired your own capable but expensive in-house staff, outsourcing presents a great way for you to manage your cost.

Introducing You To Cheng & Co Global Business Services

That is right. In addition to other services, Cheng & Co also has a dedicated team of professionals standing by to help you getting the following done:

Our outsourcing packages are offered together with subscription to alternative software. Therefore, you may choose between the software that we offer.

Financial & Corporate Accounting Services

HR Consultancy Services & Payroll Outsourcing

Benefits Spotlights

Economised Spending

economised spending on your accounting and/or HR operations 

Peace of Mind

peace of mind as your accounting and/or HR is being handled by qualified professionals

Monitor Conveniently

convenience as you monitor our service and submit documents to us via the software from anywhere

More Time

More time for you to focus on other important tasks

Why Us

Service is people. Excellent services are led by excellent people. Our people are experienced in providing accounting services to clients from many industries. In summary, we’re at our best because we have the following:

  • a formidable team consisting of qualified, seasoned professionals;
  • the experience and expertise in running accounting and HR functions for different companies;
  • the ability to cater for local and foreign clients alike; and
  • the ability to maintain the balance between problem-solving and cost-saving.
Cheng & Co_Alex Kang

Strategic Development and HR Director

Mr. Alex Kang Sin Loon
MBA (Twintech), BA (Hertfordshire)

Mr. Alex has been with us since 2010. His primary role is as Strategic Development and HR Director for Cheng & Co Group. Up-to-date, Mr. Kang has over 18 years of HR experience as well as accounting supervisory experience. He is an expert in HR best practices and laws. Therefore, he also provides advisory service to our clients on HR matters.

Cheng & Co_Tai Ming Ming

Director of Global Business Services

Mr. Tai Ming Ming

Mr. Tai is an accountant, by profession, with experience in supervising HR. With over 20 years of professional experience, he is an expert in corporate accounting, and also had been exposed in audit and taxation work. All of the above plays a great part in his role being in-charge of our HR & payroll outsourcing services, for accounting is the tool of oversight over HR and payroll activities. Since 2016, Mr. Tai has been our head of Global Business Services, which includes our HR and payroll outsourcing operations.

Cheng & Co_Michelle Lim

Senior Accounts Manager

Ms. Michele Lim

Ms. Lim has been with us since 2017. She presently serves our company as Senior Account Manager. She is our senior lead in our accounting outsourcing operations. Prior to joining us, she worked as an audit senior for KPMG Malaysia, with experiences in performing financial audits for listed and multinational companies from various industries including trading, property development, manufacturing, and services.

Cheng & Co_Oh Kah Yein

Outsourcing Payroll Assistant Manager

Ms. Oh Kah Yein

Ms. Oh has been with us since 2019 as our expert service provider in HR and payroll services. She is currently pursuing advanced education in Human Resource Management. Prior to joining Cheng & Co Group, Ms. Oh had served in various companies as a payroll and admin specialist for 7 years. Her current role in our service is managing and performing payroll processing for our clients.

Cheng & Co_Leon Chow

Senior Cloud Consultant

Mr. Leon Chow Wai Nam

Mr. Chow has been with us since 2018. Prior to 2018, he served for 6 years in the roles of accounts assistant and accounts executive for various firms. Up-to-date, Mr. Chow has a total of 11 years of outsource accounting experience. Currently, he is our Senior Cloud Consultant, responsible for helping our clients to implement their outsourcing accounting solutions through consultation and training.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are service levels managed?

Every transaction is contracted verbally or in writing. For our service, we have written service level agreements (SLA). It stipulates the range of service level that you expect from us, and the our fees for those services. It also spells other covenants, even those relating to business disaster, such as the deadline by which you may expect us to resume operations as well as procedures on what to do in such events.

What guarantees and protections do I get from data theft or errors?

SLAs guides us, even when it comes to data protection. It spells out what we may and may not do with your data. Furthermore, we’re subjected to Malaysia laws, under which, we must abide by the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 that forbids us from sharing any personal data with third-party without permission from the person, with exception of requests from Malaysian law enforcement bodies in support of their investigations. Hence, the SLA and the Law mandates us to protect your data to the best of our abilities.

Furthermore, we limit access to our operations to relevant personnel only. Therefore, even employees of Cheng & Co that aren’t involved in service provision to you have no access to your data. Lastly, we do have technology controls in place such as passwords-only access to our system and audit trails for everything done to your data, which records the person to doing it.

If I’m not happy with your service, do I have the freedom to terminate?

Yes, you’ll always have that option, with certain conditions to be fulfilled. Our SLAs also stipulates clauses on termination of service.

Do you provide services other than just processing?

No, we do provide services other than mere processing. For example, in the case of HR processing, it isn’t limited to payroll processing. We do offer counselling on how to improve your HR practices (e.g., drafting an employees’ code of conduct and employment letters), and also recruitment services.