CFO Support Services in Malaysia

Outsource your finance problem-solving

You’re working hard to ensure that your company’s debt level, cash flows, and financial reporting are A-OK.

Still you’re facing the same problem, which is having too little time to get everything done, including the following:

  • producing accurate financial forecasts for your company’s tax estimates and strategic plans;
  • finding out the best debt-equity mix for your company;
  • strategising a tax plan that will optimize your company’s tax obligations; and
  • addressing procedural loopholes that seem to be frequently letting small amounts of your company’s cash being wasted on unexplained expenses.

We’re here to help you. Our consultants understand your frustration, and are prepared with knowledge and experience to help you through it.

How CFO support service works

Our CFO support service is designed to do your CFO thinking for you. Therefore, any problem you’re facing that is related to your CFO duties is relevant to our CFO support service.

By engaging us, you’ll receive the most accurate, tailored to your company, answer to your difficult questions, including in the following areas:

  • budgetary system;
  • devising an optimal KPI system to help you enhance your staff performance;
  • current financial position or standing, which entails:
    – reviewing your company’s financial statements; and
    – assessing your company’s performance against its budgets;
  • working capital requirements;
  • cash flow optimization;
  • tax estimates and benefits;
  • internal control and business processes;
  • quarterly financial reporting framework;
  • current updates on business laws and regulations, including taxation; and
  • accounting or bookkeeping issues.

The above mentioned are just some of what our clients have asked to resolve. Don’t worry if yours don’t fit in any of them. Tell us about it anyway. If it’s related to your company finances, we’re sure that there is something we could do for you.

Let’s get started

We can get started now. Your itinerary is as follows:

  1. define your problem(s);
  2. subscribe you to the most relevant package, and schedule for appointment to deliver the solution to you; and
  3. deliver the solution to you via a one-to-one workshop as scheduled.

We suggest that, prior to contacting us, you’d first gather all pertinent details and documents in one place for your reference. The quicker we could get all relevant facts down, the quicker we could proceed with subscribing you the right package.

How will you feel with us onboard

  • always at home because we’re your entrepreneurial peer;
  • never lost as we constantly navigate you towards achieving your goals;
  • you’re finally moving ahead with fresh angles and perspectives; and
  • never left out because you’d be spoken to in your own lingo.

Stop Worrying!

You shouldn’t have to waste too much time and money figuring out how to do things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of CFO problems that you could help me in?

As a CFO, you’ll typically have to deal with following:

– checking your financial statements for errors;
– handling your company’s tax obligations right;
– ensuring that the right accounting treatment is being applied;
– measuring your company’s profit/loss and cash flows;
– HR-related matters such as payroll;
– corporate restructuring;
– shareholders’ issues; and
– addressing gaps in your company’s internal control system;

We may help in any of the above. However, if you have a problem that doesn’t fit with any that is mentioned, tell us anyway, and we’ll see how we could resolve it for you.

How much do you charge for the CFO support service?

It would depend on the nature of the problem as well as the amount of time and resources that we’ll have to allocate in order to resolve your problem. The exact figure will be determined after discussing the case with you, and presented to our quotation.

Why would we seek outside help when we have our own accounting team to rely on?

Accounting and finance are two interlinked but separate fields. Having skills and aptitude in one doesn’t always mean automatically having the same in the other. Therefore, if your accounting team is inexperienced in helping to resolve more complex financial issues such as IPO, it’s only prudent for you to consider outside help.

Could you help me to facilitate an overhaul in my company’s operations?

Indeed, we do provide advisory services to you in order to help your company with its business or corporate transformation exercise.

Do you provide training for areas that we are lacking expertise in?

Yes, we do provide training. The best part is that our training programmes are HRDF claimable.