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Corporate Social Responsibility

Contribute to Society, Our Commitment

Cheng & Co Group of Companies is embarking on the ambitious aim of providing corporate social responsibilities in the field of education through the establishment of Cheng & Co Foundation on 23rd September 2011 with an initial sum of RM1 Million. The foundation is founded by Dr Chua Hock Hoo and Mr Tony Ong, whose purpose is to give assistance to any in real need of help, regardless of any areas or ranges.

Our objectives is to offer scholarships/ financial assistance to all the staff and children of the clients, associates in the Cheng & Co Group of Companies in the field of accountancy, tax, business administration, financial and commercial studies. However, with more donations and funding, it is intended to extend and widen the scope of our foundation. For instance, we now donate to different charity organizations that require aids.  

The scholarship/ study grants will be funded by ten (10) designated funds with a minimum contribution of RM 100,000.00 donated/ pledged by clients and members of the public. Each designated Fund will acknowledge the contributor by their preferred name in front followed by Cheng & Co Foundation. i.e.: Bill Gate, Cheng & Co Foundation: or 1 Malaysia, Cheng & Co Foundation.

Other than this, we realize that diversity in the workplace is beneficial when everyone is getting along and working as a team. Thus, we set up Leadership Training Centre and Women Leadership Centre for Cheng & Co Group’s employees to build a positive company culture with good morale and high productivity.

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Dato’ Dr. Chua Hock Hoo

Tony Ong Chin Giap

Dato’ Dr. Chua Hock Hoo

Tony Ong Chin Giap


Ong Chee Seng

Selvanathan Rajamanickam

Dato’ Mohd Azizi bin Mustafa

Dr. Marc Wong Yee Thiam

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Tan Wae Leng

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Dr. Marc Wong Yee Thiam

Dato’ Ringo Kaw Fan Chu

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