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What is the Firm of the Future

Is a lively organisation fortified and managed by knowledgeable and talented people, who have the right attitude and the futuristic telescopic vision to see beyond the horizon to bring to it the vision and strength to maintain its sustained progressive growth and profit in any future competitive, challenging, uncertainty, upheaval, or chaotic economy and environment.


The firm of the future must lead the professions by following a model that is worthy of its proud heritage.



Cheng & Co’s vision for the year 2020 is to become the ‘Firm of the future’ – the leading home-grown international accounting firm with offices in 100 locations, through continuous smart Innovation while preserving the firm’s core values. The key factors that drive us are:

  • Ensuring sustainable growth and win-win solutions for clients and other stakeholders
  • Strong focus on value-added service and innovative solutions for excellence, moving away from a typical time-based business mentality.

Through providing a complete range of top quality professional services critical to Cheng & Co’s clients’ success within a complex and changing work environment, and the sharing of key aspects of the firm’s business model with member firms, Cheng & Co looks forward to growing together with clients and member firms in its march towards becoming the ‘Firm of the Future’


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