Immediate tax saving or avoid penalty on Transfer Pricing with this 4 steps assessment










Transfer Pricing Report Packages


 Before RM8,000

Now RM6,000 only

(Save RM2,000)


Before RM18,000

Now RM15,000 only

(Save RM3,000)

Special Rate

Group of Companies

Special Rate

(Case by Case Basis)

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Who should be concerned?

SMEs who runs extra risk of an audit if one or more of the following situations applies:

  • Repeating low margins or losses
  • Many high value transactions
  • Large deviations in profit and loss histories
  • Reporting a low EBIT compared to the industry’s average
  • Reporting a low EBIT compared to comparable enterprises
  • With controlled transactions or transaction between related parties

Penalties up to RM100,000 or even imprisonment up to 6 months waiting for indivduals or businesses without properly preparing all the Transfer Pricing Documents.

How we work with?

Step 1

Check whether the taxpayer has any related parties.

Step 3

Finds out whether the CIT base will include any deemed distributions arising from related party transaction (TP adjustment).

If an adjustment is required, the amounts different transactions should be reported on the CIT return.

Step 2

Check the related parties have made any transactions or enter into commercial or financial relationships.

If so, the total value of related-party transactions should be reported on the CIT return. 


Step 4

Check whether the taxpayer is required to prepare and file TP documentation to prove that the prices are arm’s length.

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