What is Trademark to business owner?

A sign, logo, word, picture, letter, name or even combination all these which distinguishes business owner’s products and services from competitor in the industry.

Trademark is one of the elements in the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia which consist of patent, industrial design, geographical indication, copyright and IC layout design.

How Trademark can benefit to business owner?

Through registered Trademark of the firm’s intellectual property, it will enhance company image and increase the level of credibility of the firm. Business owner will then able to generate more revenue from franchise, selling, licensing or renting it out to others.

Our experienced team can help business owner protect the firm’s brand name from infringement & copyright issues. We can also help prevent other companies from imitating business owner’s intellectual property through our services. Fundamentally, registered Trademark can significantly increase the value of business owner’s products and services.

How can our Trademark Services help business owner?

Our experienced team can offer you a suite of comprehensive trademark services.We provide services such as:

Trademark Search.

Trademark Filing and Registration.

Trademark Renewal.

Trademark Assignment.

International Trademark Registration.

Trademark Appealing and Ex-hearing Service.

Responding to Trademark opposition.

Securing website domain name.

Other legal advices pertaining trademark registration.

Trademark registration process

Application Received

Formality Examination

Conduct Search


Application Accepted

Advertising in Gov Gazzete

Statutory Period for Opposition by 3rd Party

Trademark Certificate Issued

Application Rejected

Rejected Letter Issued


(If Appeal Successful)
Application Accepted

Advertising in Gov Gazzeete

Statutory Period for Opposition by 3rd Party

Trademark Certificate Issued

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