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Personal, Expatriate, and Company Tax Compliance Service

Tax compliance services act as a tool for the business owner to manage their business in a less complicated way. For instance, the owner can spend lesser time on the intricate tax process, and the services help to reduce necessarily tax violation. 

Tax Compliance Services

Tax compliance services give businesses guidance on how to comply with up-to-date local tax regulations. Tax compliance services often come along with other finance and accounting services to create a bundle that ease the owner’s burden.


How Can Cheng & Co Help?

Cheng & Co has a wide range of tax compliance services designed to encounter different issues that a person, expatriate, or company could face on taxation obligations. Our services efficiently help our clients:

Malaysian Personal Tax Compliance Services

  • Tax briefing for expatriates
  • Preparation and filing of personal tax returns
  • Payroll review on reporting of remuneration and benefits for tax purposes
  • Advisory on tax matters pertaining to expatriates working in Malaysia or employees seconded to work overseas

Corporate Tax Compliance Services

  • To prepare the income tax computation.
  • To prepare and submit of the corporate tax return.
  • To advise the due date for submission of the return of the original estimated tax payable (Form CP204) and compliance requirements in relation to the amount of the estimated tax.
  • Preparation and submission of variation of the estimate of tax payable (Form CP204A).
  • To forward and liaise with the IRB for the information and documents requested by them for tax audit purposes.

The list of services based on the requirement of our client’s company. 


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