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Our Story

Cheng & Co is more than 25 years in the market, as by our co-founder “knowledge is not a power and sharing is”. Hereby, Cheng & Co will like to share our story with all of you. Some of our clients which influence by our co-founder which sharing is the power, they willing to share their knowledge and experience on our site.



拿督蔡復和博士 (英国特许管理会计师公会成员,特许全球管理会计师) 诚国集团于1993年成立初期仅有三名员工,与马来西亚当时数千家会计师事务所无甚差别。仅凭微薄的银行存款和为数不多的客户,我们立志成为本土领先的会计师事务所,并扩张指亚太地区。 我盼望在此文中所分享的企业持续性增长战略,涵盖平衡计分卡(Balanced Scorecard)、企业与联营等将对中小企业主有所助益。平衡计分卡 – 企业战略管理工具...

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