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Our Story

Welcome Message by

Dato’ Dr Chua Hock Hoo

Cheng & Co Group Executive Chairman

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Distinguished Clients,

Business Partners and Advocates

The journey has started humbly in the year of 1998. With just three staff at the time of its inception, today Cheng & Co Group has over 400 staff throughout 11 branches in Malaysia. The firm has also expanded its service beyond by venturing into new successful business models such as Global Service Outsourcing (GBS), business consultancy, IPO advisory, financial wealth management and property investment consultancy. 

Before our vision 2020 and 2025, I would like to take you all back in time to 2014 which has been the catalyst to all our strategies ever since. It is when we officially announced ALIGNMENT as our theme for the year which led to the establishment of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) as our core method to achieve synergies throughout our business and support units. 

Since then we have continually emphasised the importance of the implementation of the BSC to our firm’s performance and human capital development. BSC has helped us achieve synergies throughout our firm and enabled the translation of our vision, mission and strategies into tangible and measurable action plans.

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Cheng & Co is more than 20 years in the market, as by our co-founder “knowledge is not a power and sharing is”. Hereby, Cheng & Co will like to share our story with all of you. Some of our clients which influence by our co-founder which sharing is the power, they willing to share their knowledge and experience on our site.



拿督蔡復和博士 (英国特许管理会计师公会成员,特许全球管理会计师) 诚国集团于1993年成立初期仅有三名员工,与马来西亚当时数千家会计师事务所无甚差别。仅凭微薄的银行存款和为数不多的客户,我们立志成为本土领先的会计师事务所,并扩张指亚太地区。 我盼望在此文中所分享的企业持续性增长战略,涵盖平衡计分卡(Balanced Scorecard)、企业与联营等将对中小企业主有所助益。平衡计分卡 – 企业战略管理工具...