Our Culture

The Visionary Tree below symbolizes the evergreen sustainable life of Cheng & Co and its Group – forever growing, developing and producing. The journey to maintain and hold our strength, our knowledge and our result is constantly fertilized and fuelled by our people who have the Edge and the Energy to Energize and Execute (4Es) the professional services with Great Passion (P).

Our people have to possess Multi Culture, Multi-Skills, Multi-Competencies and Mobility (4Ms) to carry out their tasks and responsibilities everywhere to generate the Productivity, the Profit and the Prospect (3Ps) to benefit our customer, as well as our own people

img tree

The Visionary Tree is the lighthouse for Cheng & Co. Group’s staffs to become a Professional Entrepreneur or Professional Practitioner.

We always have the ENERGY and know how to use our EDGE in work. We are trained to ENERGISE other people and show our PASSION for work.

We always train ourselves to be MULTI-SKILL and MULTI-COMPETENCIES. To cover and support our branches in different places, MOBILITY and MULTI CULTURE in our basic requirement.

With the right characteristic, PRODUCTIVITY, PROFIT, PROSPECT will then come along.

 The Visionary Tree is our symbol of strength and caring mode……

The Visionary Tree never ceases to grow, develop and produce and so will Cheng & Co and its Group’s continuing growing, developing and producing. Besides the growing tree, there are 3 common important criteria which we take into consideration during the admission of a partner. There is Character, Contribution, Competency & Commitment.



fundamentally required staff to carry out a positive attitude and behaviour which can adapt with Cheng & Cos’ culture, vision & mission.


is more on performance measurement and value-added into the organization.


Skill and experience to achieve company’s goal successfully and efficiently.


It required a staff’s self-devotion and passion on the job and thus it can able to provide a good platform for a staff future career development and prospect.