Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

What Makes Malaysia the Best Option for Second Home?

Government Support 

Moving to Malaysia is rather easy as the Malaysia government has high initiatives in launching a program like MM2H to welcome foreign immigrants. Moreover, Malaysia government has been continuously improving and seeking more opportunities to ensure the quality of foreign immigrants.

Cost of Living 

Living in Malaysia is considered affordable in comparison to any other countries. If you moved from a developed country, you will find that with the same amount of cost of living, you can obtain a better living standard in Malaysia.

Cost of Living 

Living in Malaysia is considered affordable in comparison to any other countries. If you moved from a developed country, you will find that with the same amount of cost of living, you can obtain a better living standard in Malaysia.

The Culture

The culture in Malaysia is diversified. Malaysian are friendly and welcoming to every foreign ex-pat. Most importantly, the majority of Malaysians can speak in a different language (basically in Malay, English, and Mandarin). Hence, it becomes one of the reasons why English and Mandarin speakers choose Malaysia as one of their option for migration as they face lesser language barriers here.

Moreover, immigrants get to experience different races’ festival in Malaysia throughout the year.

The Weather

Malaysia does not have four seasons. It is warm whole year-round yet is not EXTREMELY hot. Hence, it becomes the best option for people who could not bear with cold weathers.


Malaysia has extremely beautiful and rich natural sites. There are plenty of undeveloped natures to be explored by people who enjoy nature.

Entertainment & Recreation

Malaysia has a lot of entertainment and recreational sites for single or married family. Every family member can find different suitable activities for themselves in Malaysia.

Varieties of Food

Because of Malaysia’s diversities, we have various type of food in Malaysia which will cater to your appetite. Not only food for Malay, Chinese, or Indian, in Malaysia, you will be able to find other aesthetic Western, Asian food.

Safety and Health

Malaysia is considered safe. And, our private hospitals offer world-class treatment at a rather cheaper cost than other countries.

The Location

For people who want to explore Asia, Malaysia is a relatively strategic location as it is close to much other Asian capitals. Moreover, the flights from here are considerably cheap

Why consider Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)?

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme is promoted by Malaysia’s Government (since 2002) to allow foreigners/retiree who fulfil the requirements to stay in Malaysia as their Second Home. The MM2H visa will be granted for a period of ten (10) years and is renewable.

There are several attractive factors to consider. 

Property Ownership

MM2H holder can purchase any unit of residential houses at a minimum price of RM 1,000,000 depending on the location of the property.

Business / Working Part Time

MM2H holder can incorporate a Private Limited company in Malaysia as own investment.

If applicant is over 50 years old can apply to work part time in critical sector not more than 20 hours per week.

Education (Approval to study)

MM2H holder is allowed to bring their children under 18 years old and not married under this program.

Children above 18 years old should apply a Student Pass under the student’s name.

A Maid / Helper

MM2H holder is allowed to apply for one maid subject to the prevailing guidelines of the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Who is eligible to apply Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)?

There are several requirements for the applicant to meet before applying for the MM2H.

Basic requirements

  1. Age minimum at 35 years old & above
  2. Visa is valid for 5 years and renewal able
  3. After approval, to stay for 90 days per year in Malaysia
  4. Can bring dependents (spouse, children, parents and parents-in-law), a foreign maid (25 to 45 years old)

How to apply Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

Moving to Malaysia has become one of the common choices for foreigners when it comes to immigration. Malaysia has developed friendly and welcoming infrastructures for international citizens to move into the country. There are 2 ways for people who want to move to Malaysia to apply for MM2H:

  • Direct Application
  • Assisted Application

So, what are the differences between these two?

Direct application can be more complicated and time-consuming for the applicants as they will need to run the entire process themselves. Whereas, the assisted application is to appoint an MM2H licensed agent to run the whole process for you.

Security Vetting

Applicant must submit Letter of Good Conduct (LOGC) issued by the Police Department or Security Agencies from their country of origin. If the applicant has committed to any criminal offences, the application will be automatically rejected.

Medical Report and Insurance Coverage

Upon approval, the applicant and their dependent(s) are required to conduct a medical check-up at any private hospital or registered clinic in Malaysia. However, if there are any transmittable disease found in either applicant or their dependents(s), the approval will be revoked.

Moreover, the applicant must hold medical insurance from any insurance company which covers themselves while they are in Malaysia. Nonetheless, exemptions are applicable if the applicant has difficulties to obtain the insurance due to their age or medical condition.

Immigration-Related Fee

For applying for MM2H Social Visit Pass, the applicant is required to pay the Immigration-related fees which include Social Visit Pass, Multiple Entry Visa, and Journey Performed Visa (if required). The total amount will be listed in the Conditional Approval Letter.

Security and Personal Bond

If the applicant chooses to apply directly, he/she is required to pay the Security Bond. The rate changes upon nationality, and ranges from RM200 to RM2,000. If the applicant decides to exit, he/she may claim for refund on the security the bond (terms and condition applied).

However, if the applicant chooses to apply the MM2H through a licensed agent, he/she will not need to pay for the Security Bond as the agent will provide the Personal Bond for the applicant once the application is approved.

Certified original documents in English require for main applicant to prepare

  1. Full passport copy include cover, each page – valid for at least 24 months & 6 blank pages
    *If you have changed your passport in the past 18 months, the passport ID pages of the old and new passports need to be certified
  2. Letter of Good Conduct (Certificate of Police Clearance) for main applicant, spouse, children over 18 years old
  3. 6 photos of passport size in blue background
  4. Proof of income for 6 months, minimum RM 40,000 is credited each month, and/ or RM 120,000 is credited quarterly
  5. Proof of liquidity assets of RM 1.5 million for 6 months
  6. Certified marriage certificate
  7. Certified children birth certificate

Get Assist for Your MM2H Application

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the fee calculated and what’s the payment terms?

The fees will include:
1. Consultation for application required
2. Assist in applying for a bank account
3. Submit complete application documents to various government agences

The fees will exclude:
1. Medical check
2. Medical insurance
3. Transportation
4. Other related expenses

Payment Terms:
1. Upon engaged: 50% payment
2. Upon approval: 50% balance