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Merger & Acquisition

What is a Merger and Acquisition to a business owner? 

  • Annual Tax compliance with the Income Tax Act 1967.
  • Defined as consolidation of firms to improve business synergy and operations.
  • It is also an exit plan for business owner planning to ‘leave the industry/market’

Merger & Acquisition Consultancy

Merger & Acquisition (M&A) has become one of the fastest ways for a business to expand its business territory. However, M&A is a way more complicated process than just agreeing to each other verbally or in black and white. 

Let Cheng & Co’s professional team help you in simplifying the process which allows you to focus on other aspects of the operation.

Herewith the list of M&A Consultancy Services consist of: 

Management Consultancy

Our team are always ready,

  • To advise on any M&A related process and methodology and review on tax and statutory compliance to business owners.
  • To advise on the impact on financial position in respect of M&A.
  • To provide a preliminary review on the financial position of the business in respect of M&A.
Due Diligence (DD)

Can help you conduct due diligence and risk measures on any target firm in terms of;

  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Tax
  • Operational
  • Commercial
  • Technical
Business Valuation

Our team can help perform business valuation to unlock the fair value or goodwill of the business to form part of the consideration in M&A.


Can help you conduct due diligence and risk measures on any target firm in terms of;

  • We can help diagnose and mitigate the crisis faced by the business owner.
  • Provide solutions and implementation of turnaround plan through M&A or any amicable alternative.

Our people can aid in the restructuring of the business owner’s firm to affect the M&A.

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