Leading Entrepreneur Accelerator Platform

What is Leading Entrepreneur Accelerator Platform (LEAP) to business owner?

Alternative platform to facilitate fund raising for SMEs of all industries.

Easier graduation to ACE or MAIN Market.

Share are freely tradeable on Bursa Malaysia.

Limited financial disclosures and no profitability track records are required.

How LEAP can benefit to business owner?

Cost effectiveness.

A funding platform for all industries.

Attracting and attaining better management and employment.

High credibility, avoid personal guarantee with lower interest rate

Raise market reputation.

Accelerate growth for company business.

Acquisition by way of issuance of shares.

Listing Process

Our service includes:

Pre-IPO (3 ~ 6 months)

  • Corporate restructuring
  • MFRS financial compliance
  • Internal control system
  • Setting Due Diligence Working Group (DDWG)
  • Preparation of Information Memorandum (IM)

Submission & IPO (2 ~ 4 months)

  • Submission of IM to Bursa
  • Obtain approval from Bursa
  • Timetable for IPO
  • Issue notice of allotment of shares
  • Launch the IPO


Post IPO (3 years)

  • Maintain adviser for next 3 years
  • Maintain good corporate governance
  • Timely reporting and compliance to listing rules




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