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KPI Assurance Service

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a set of measurement uses to examine the efficiency of one in achieving the key business objective. Business uses KPI as a tool to manage and motivate its employees to perform towards the target. 

KPI Assurance Service

KPI assurance service is a rather straightforward process. It ensures the practicalness of the KPI set and amends it accordingly. However, establishing a practical KPI can be a challenge for many businesses. There are a few things that the process needs to consider:

  • Is the methodology used to prepare the KPI appropriate for setting up achievable targets?
  • Is the calculation accurate?
  • Is the data implied for calculation relevant, or correct?
  • Is the resources company acquired sufficient to sustain the KPI set?


How Can Cheng & Co Help?

Cheng & Co provides KPI assurance service that encompasses these perspectives:

  • Review the performance of the company and analyze the efficiency of the KPI set.
  • Assurance over the practices, methods and directions that produce the data underlying the KPIs


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