Join Us As A Member Firm

What is Cheng & Co Member Firm to others professional firm?

  • Business networking platform for business growth
  • Knowledge management & technical support platform.

How Cheng & Co Member Firm regconition can benefit to others potential professional firm?

  • Co-Branding of Cheng & Co Group.
  • Able to bring more value and services to clients and partners.
  • Leadership development through Cheng & Co Professional Entrepreneur Program (PEP).
  • Sharing of best practices of business model & development, resources and experience specialist & manpower.

Why choose Cheng & Co as Member Firm firm?

  • Our platform provides extensive opportunities for business growth and expansion.
  • We provide continuous technology, business, & marketing support from Cheng & Co Group.
  • We also provide our member business future & succession planning.
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