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International Advisory

Going businesses around the globe have become fairly common nowadays. However, starting a business in a foreign country can be simply complex for a foreigner. For instance, business owner doing business in the global market will face legal, tax and financial issues and with a better understanding business can avoid consequences and penalties and even turn these advantages into opportunities to further boost business performance.

List of  Advisory Services: 

  • International Advisory:

▪ Advisory on cross-boundary business enquiries in Malaysia (Including Labuan), Hong Kong, China, British Virgin    Islands, Cayman Island, Seychelles, Australia, and Singapore.

▪ Advisory and assistance for entering and tapping into China’s market.

▪ Prepare feasibility studies for specific industries or investments.

▪ Conduct due diligence and reporting for business take-over.

  • Corporate & Secretarial Advisory: 

▪ Consultation on setting up new companies in Malaysia (including Labuan companies), Australia, Singapore,            Hong Kong, China, and other offshore jurisdictions.

▪ Establishment and maintenance of statutory records.

▪ Provision of virtual and registered office.

▪ Other company secretarial functions.

  • Tax Structure Advisory:

▪ Tax Compliance Services for Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

▪ International tax advisory for companies or high net-worth individuals.

▪ Offshore structures to reflect the challenges of market entry international trade and investment, wealth                      management, privacy and regulatory bodies.

  • Fund Structures Advisory:

▪ Pre and post-launch advisory services.

▪ Advice and assistance of fund structures.

▪ Review and input on fund documentation.

▪ Introduction of potential investors.

  • Worldwide Company Search & Credit Report:

▪ Company Information (Basic)

▪ Financial Report

▪ Credibility Report

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Why Choose Us?

Cheng & Co provides a one-stop solution to cater for the business, wealth, and legacy planning. Besides, our team are capable of providing professional corporate secretarial and advisory helping international businesses to succeed in the rapidly evolving world market.

Also, our team has the knowledge and expertise to aid businesses to determine the location of interest to invest, key sectors and industry, as well as advice on its financial status, technical and infrastructure fineness, the requirement of law and regulatory, business structure and any relevant information that is critical to the success of a business.