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Entity Formation and Business Registration

Setting up a company in Malaysia is not as complicated. However, with our subsidiary Indah, Cheng & Co has made it easier for both local and foreign entrepreneurs who want to set up their own corporations in Malaysia.

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Incorporation refers to the legal process of forming a corporate entity or a business. It allows the business to start operating with the proper status. Despite the purpose of incorporation, here are several advantages incorporation has brought to the entrepreneurs:

  • It protects the employer’s asset from the liabilities of the business.
  • It has easier ownership transferring process.
  • It allows entrepreneurs to raise capital in an easier way.
  • It has a lower tax rate payable.


How can Cheng & Co help?

With our professional team, we provide expert service on setting up companies for entrepreneurs who want to start businesses on their own. By simply filling up a form and provide sufficient information, Cheng & Co will settle the following process of incorporation. Throughout the process, we provide constant updates on the notification to ensure the entrepreneurs keep track of the entire process.

To know more about the details of incorporation, click “Introduction for setting up Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.

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