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Incorp Sdn Bhd Promotion Package

Looking for assistance in registering a Sdn Bhd company or with your company secretarial needs? Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you. 

Start your ONE STOP PROFESSIONAL SERVICE with us and enjoy our special promo rate


We offer a comprehensive “One-stop Professional” Service for listed and private companies and cater to a range of regulatory and or administrative corporate needs and responsibilities. Our Cloud Accounting Platform and easy payments, we have re-defined the classic company secretarial offering by digitising traditional processes to deliver improved service

Incorp + S/B Package

RM8,000/ year

RM7,550 / YEAR

Package includes of

Incorp – RM2,950
Account – RM1,200 / year
Audit – RM1,200 / year
Tax Compliance – RM1,000 / year
Company Secretary – RM1,200 / year

How it works?


  1. Detail discussion to understand the company’s services requirement
  2. Explaining in detail how outsourcing works
  3. Propose solutions together with a quotation

Engage with us to start the benefits of Free Trials

  1. Setting up the entire Accounting Process and System
  2. Collecting the accounting document either Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly
  3. Submit Financial Report at the agreed timeline.
  4. Highlighting Financial notes that require business attention



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