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 Our fees

 RM 199 per hour

(price excludes 6% SST)

Free Cash Flow Template & One to One Guide On Cash Flow

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6 Common Business Challenges Every Business Face

Financial Statement Review

  • Account presentation for bank purpose
  • Account finalisation for audit purpose
  • Forecast account for tax purpose

Tax Matters 

  • Tax estimation (6th month and 9th-month revision)
  • Tax issue such as Capital Allowance calculation, capital vs expenses
  • Interest restriction


  • Double entries for a one-off transaction
  • Depreciation calculation and provision
  • Hire purchase calculation
  • Term loan: reclass between short term and long term
  • Gain/loss on disposal of an asset

Cash Flow 

  • Guide on cash flow preparation
  • Guide on Profit and loss preparation
  • Guide on commitment calculation


  • General enquiries related to financial statement, accounting and tax


  • Advice on HR and staff matter
  • Advice on general corporate restructuring
  • Advice on shareholders matter
  • Advice on internal control and procedures
  • Advice on business-related matters.

How It Works

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Define Your Business Issues

Step 2 Appointment

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Step 3 Deliver

One on One Workshop to Solve the Define Issues

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Clear Your Business Worries With ICSS Services

What is iCSS (iCFO’s Support Service) Online Services

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a key person in a company, mainly responsible for finance, accounting, strategic management and other business matters. However, most SMEs either do not afford to pay for a CFO or CFO’s roles may too excessive for the business.

Cheng & Co currently introduces an online CFO Support Services (iCSS), providing consulting services, advice and solutions to your business problems in a more flexible, economically and timely manner. The key is you only sign up when it is required. Our consulting services covers review of financial statement, tax saving, tax matter, accounting issues, cash flow, budgeting, group structure, and other business-related matters with only RM199 per hour.

It does not require you to pay monthly, nor annually. You can use our services once you confront any difficulties almost instantly by these steps: book, pay and meet virtually. For the meeting, we will arrange different expertise in your areas of struggles.

Why Us?

 With our 27 years of practical experience and professionalism, we classify the following 6 common issues that are essential in the business as our training topics.

Our training courses and iCSS will provide advice and solutions to improve the problems faced by your business. You can consult any questions about your business or queries in the training course during the iCSS consulting hour, and our professionals will answer you accordingly. We have 6 experts act as your business consultant to guide you towards the success and prosper future.

 Our fees

 RM 199 per hour

(price excludes 6% SST)

Free Cash Flow Template & One to One Guide On Cash Flow

Free Workshop

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