Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – Human Resource – Payroll

What is BPO-Human Resource to business owners?

Privilege to source out finance and accounting department from own company. In other words, business owner do not have to hire additional accounting staff for your accounting job.

Act of contracting with a professional firm to perform full sets accounts, bookkeeping and management of account analysis.

Why do business owner need Human Resource Outsourcing (BPO-Human Resource-Payroll) Service?

Monthly Payroll processing can be time consuming and costly.

Company lack the expertise and resources to ensure payroll processing works efficiently and timely.

Company do not have the resources to train and develop employees professionally and effectively.

The company can save cost through outsourcing by reducing charges for accommodation of additional staff.

We also help you mitigate problems that might arise from having own human resource department.

Potential problems might arise such as breach of data security and privacy.

Inexperience staff causing errors in payroll changes.

Our team ensure quality on the services we provide by achieving greater consistency and being more efficient.

We are able to provide advice on current industry best practice and expert advisory on related issues.

Delivering service in a timely manner to fulfill your needs.

How Human Resource Outsourcing (BPO-Human Resource-Payroll) can help business owner?

We can provide:

Payroll Services

  • Monthly payroll processing.
  • Submission of EPF, Sosco, Tax-EA.
  • Leave attendance and recording.



  • Involving aggressively in University and Colleges career fairs, recruitment agency, referral and etc to provide client with the right candidates.


Human Resource Consultancy

  • Provide professional advisory on Human resource matters.
  • Development of employee handbook and policy updates.
  • Provide professional training and development for employee(HRDF).


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