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Halal Consultancy

The dominant population in Malaysia is Muslim, and the growing number of Muslim around the world is considerable. Therefore, holding a Halal certificate becomes a pass for business to expand its business in a more straightforward way as the market of halal is huge and expected to grow larger. 

Service provided by our subsidiary Indah.

Halal Certificate Malaysia

The halal certificate shows that a product/service is qualified to be consumed by Muslim. In such expression, it means that the food or goods have no contains any harmful, toxicate, nor any part of matter that forbidden the Shariah Law and Fatwa.

Moreover, the halal certificate issued in Malaysia is widely recognized by most of the Muslim countries around the globe.


Applies With Us Now:

We have a very experienced team that can assist you with the application of halal certificate.

For those who want to apply for a halal certificate or look for quotation, you only need to email us these details to our enquiry email:

1. Company Profile;

2. Product Profile;

3. COA&COO- Certificate of Analysis and Certificate of Origin of Raw Material; and

4. Production Layout.

To know more about halal certificate, please click: “Halal Certificate”.

Halal Certification Process


  • Setting up Halal Team.
  • Halal Quality Management System.
  • Raw material management.
  • Delivery management.
  • Halal Assurance Points (HAPs).
  • Process flow chart.
  • Internal Audit report.
  • License from the National Environment Agency (NEA), Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) or Health.
  • Services Authority (HAS).


  • Application fee.
  • Registration of account.
  • Documents checklist for audit purposes.


  • The assurance service covers the delivery of raw materials to the washing of used utensils.
  • Inspection of documents to ensure compliance and audit trails.
  • Final evaluation.
  • Corrective action to be taken, if non-conformities are found.
  • Issuance of report.
  • Decision approves or reject.
  • Payment of certification fees upon approval.

Post Certification

  • Continuous compliance.
  • MUIS will conduct unannounced periodic inspections.
  • Renewal of application.

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