Good & Services Tax (GST)
*GST – Good & Services Tax
*GST HealthCare Centre – Your One-Stop GST Specialise Team

What is GST to business owner?

Commonly known as Value added tax (VAT).

Tax on the final consumption.

It covers all sectors in the economy.

Has multi stage taxable level.

Replacement of sales and service tax.
Below 500k do not need, above 500k quarterly, 5mil annually.

What type of GST service we provide?

Our GST Specialize Team can help with:

GST Registration

  • Helps company and firm to get registered with Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia for GST purpose.


Implementation of GST System
(Business Realignment & Advisory)

  • Realign Accounting Division Standard Operating Procedure (SOP); Accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoicing & 21 days rules strategy, tax codes, GST taxes tabulation, bad debts relief.
  • Realign Non-Account & Administrative Division Standard Procedure (SOP) which is affected by GST; Pricing and Quotations Strategy, Contractual Terms, Documentations & Records.


GST Accounting

  • Provide headache free GST full set accounting services.


GST-03 Review

  • Aid in risk identification.
  • Reconciling financial records and GST tax codes.


GST Audit Solutions

  • Aid in minimizing GST Risks.
  • Assists in sharpening GST practices.
  • Highlights GST risk & errors and provides rectification.


GST Planning

  • Support firm in invoicing and GST repayment issues.
  • Enhance company’s cash flow Management.
  • Highlights GST risk & errors and provides rectification.


GST Seminars and Talks

  • Provide latest updates and solutions on all GST related topic.


GST Healthcare Centre

  • Free GST healthcare check.


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