IT Business Process Outsourcing

IT scaled

Technology is ever-changing; Trying to cope with the dynamic changes both hardware and software aspect cost a lot for companies. Hence, outsource it to the third party can be one of the best ways for a company to safe cost and stay up-to-date. 

Service provided by our partner Pro B Centre.


IT is one of the major supporting factors in a business operation. Almost every process has a different level of involvement. Therefore, enhancing the process is essential. 

We provide on-time support to the client and member firm on any related general and accounting software issues. It is cost-efficient as member firms and clients do not have to hire additional IT staff. Also,  our team can help provide Customized solution for both accounting software and IT-related issues.

Despite the software perspective, we support hardware support for an entrepreneur who has little or zero-knowledge on the IT  aspect. For instance, we provide service to set up IT equipment in the newly furnished office or to provide rental computers/laptop to office in need.