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ERP Software Services 

Our ERP Software services allow owners to:

  • Enable you to access real-time accurate data
  • Opportunity to make smarter, faster business decisions
  • Improve employee & business productivity
  • Help you gain a competitive advantage over competitors

Service provided by our partner Pro B Centre.

ERP Software Services

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software is a software that integrates numerous features that allow the owner to manage its resources all in one. Also, it helps organizations stimulate business growth by streamlining operational processes, enabling organizations to raise productivity, improve cash flow, connect from anywhere, and react promptly to their business needs. Also, our ERP Software allows the clients to customize their own resources plans according to the fluctuations.

Below stated the areas our ERP Software covers:


From invoices to Books, Easy Purchase Management, Sales and Billing Management, Customer and Vendor Management, Configurable Charts of Accountant. Customizable Financial Reports and more.


Integrated CRM which makes Customer Management easy – with Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Campaigns, Products, Reports, Revenue Forecasting and more.


Easy Payroll Management, Paperless Performance Appraisal, Effective Recruitment Management, Intuitive Dashboards, Employee Self Service and Claims, Timesheets, Leaves and more.


Optimize your enitre manufacturing process – from production planning and process scheduling, to quality and compliance – while reducing the total manufacturing costs.


Automate Leave Application, Configure Leave Entitlement Rules, Manage Paid Time Off, Automate Rule-based Workflow, Track Employee Attendance through Comprehensive Reports, and more.


Automate Claims Applications. Analyze Claims Trends, Customize Claims Approval Rules, Paperless Claims Management, Powerful Claims Administration, Intuitive Reports, and more.


Create Project Plans, Interactive GANTT Charts, Collaborate in Real Time With Team-members, Allocate People & Material Resources, Track Cost of Projects, Get Real Time Project Reports and Analytics and more.

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