ERP Software Services

What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to business owner?

Enable you to access real time accurate data

Opportunity to make smarter, faster business decisions

Improve employee & business productivity

Help you gain competitive advantage over competitors

What are the benefits from using an ERP Software to business owner?

Improve operational flow

Cost efficiency

What are the services that we provide to business owner?



1. We bring more value to the market with mature Digiwin ERP software with industries best-practice & know-how to be incorporate into your business operation.



2. Focus on providing consultancy services during the implementation of DSC Workflow ERP GP that is suitable for SMI & SME across various



3. Features of Digiwin Workflow ERP GP include:

Item Management

  • Easy item code creation
  • Customer/Supplier item code matching

Planning Management

  • Production Plan
  • Purchase Plan

Bill of material (BOM)

  • BOM management.
  • Approved Vendor List
  • Replace and Substitute

Production Shop Floor Tracking (SFT)


4. Features of Digiwin Workflow ERP GP include:

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

BI – Business Intelligence

Portal – Collaboration Platform

BPM – Business Process Management

SFT – Shop Floor Tracking System

APS – Advance Planning Scheduling System

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