Document Warehousing

What is Document Warehousing to business owner?

Document Warehousing provides effective document management such as storing, retrieving, destruction, info management and facilitation of tax audit.

Why business owner needs Document Warehousing?

accounting records for 7 years in compliance with tax authorities’ requirement.

Possible lack of storage place in existing office.

Uncertainty on whether the records kept are accurate as to its filling and retrieval process if tax compliance issue arises.

Uncertainty on whether the records are being kept under proper security policy.

How Document Warehousing can benefits the business owner?

Regardless of your company’s set up, industry, size, or condition of your records, we can help to streamline your important accounting records together with its supporting documents.

All services come with assurance on security and efficiency. Additionally, our services aim to help the business owner to improve their resource management and reducing the cost while having better concentration on their revenue generating activities.

We provide:

Storage for Insufficient Office Space

  • Prevent loss of documents from hazard and fire.
  • Mitigate risk of theft and unauthorized document access.

Efficient Document Retrieval

  • Reduce cost and save space, resources.

Info Management

  • Archived with indexing, labeling for easy retrieval.
  • Reduce retrieval dependent on few personnel.

Secure Destruction

  • Data protection – restricted access and recorded visits with CCTV surveillance.
  • Penalty due to regulatory/statutory non-compliance i.e. Public Ruling 1-8/2000.

Facilitating Tax Audit

  • Improve efficiency in company’s operation.

Good to Know

Opportunity Cost in term of office/warehouse/retail space allocation

i.e.  Rental: RM 2 per sq/ft
       Office/retail space : for 700sq/ft
       100 arch files taking up 100sq/ft
       Opportunity cost: RM 200 monthly, BIS 100

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