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RM5,000 Matching Grant for SME Digitalisation

Have been thinking about digitalising your business? Now is the best time for you to digitalise your business with up to RM 5,000 grants from our government!

Pro B Centre is part of the Cheng & Co Group of companies within the region including Malaysia and overseas branches. Pro B Centre provides a variety of services that help your business to go on cloud! Get access to control your business anywhere and anytime!

Pro B Centre‘s Cloud Solutions 

Areas to Digitalise


Pro B Accounting & Tax

This system allows the user to access to numerous numbers related to his/her business at any time and anywhere.

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payroll 2

Pro B HR Payroll System

This system is a powerful payroll system that enables different functions that help to manage your human resources.

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Pro B ERP/ CRM System

This system includes many functions that enable the user to manage his/her inventory stock and other vendor management.

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point of sale 1

Pro B Electronic Point of Sales System (POS)

This system records the day-to-day sales of the company which allows the user to record his/her transaction consistently.

Requirement of Grants

a. Malaysia individual owns at least 60% of the company.

b. Registered under relevance laws of Malaysia.

c. Classified as an SME.

d. Has been operating for at least 1 year.

e. Annual sales qualification:

  • SME that has been operating for 1 year: minimum RM100,000 for the first year.
  • SME that has been operating 2 years or more: minimum RM 50,000 for 2 consecutive years.


More terms and conditions

Document Required

a. Completed SME Digitalisation Initiative Application Form.

b. Copy of Identity Card or Passport of Director (s)/ Partner (s)/ Proprietor(s), whichever is applicable.

c. Copy of business registration licenses (CCM, Form A/B, Form 24 & 49 and M&A or any similar forms under the Companies Act 2016).

d. Audited financial statement for the last financial year and the latest management account. (if any) or evidence of sales turnover (if any).

e. Company’s bank statement for the last two (2) months.

f. Company’s profile (if any).

g. Invoice/billing and service agreement from an authorized vendor listed by MDEC.

i. Any other information and documents as and when required by the bank.

50 Off for digitalisation

1. Analyse the digital service that your company needs.

2. Choose the service you want:

*Confirm your service with ProB Centre, we will guide you on how to maximise the application of this grant before continuing to next steps.

3. Fill in the enquiry form below, and we will assist you with the preparation of the documents.

4. Once the application is approved, pay 50% of the invoice amount to us (maximum RM 5,000).

5. The bank will pay the remaining 50% to us.

6. Await for the service to be implemented.

1. Areas of Digitalisation Covers?

Government has identified the areas for digitalisation:

  • Cloud Accounting and Automation
  • Cloud payroll, e-leave, employee claims and Human Resource Automation
  • Cloud Point of Sales (POS) System
  • Others: E-Commerce, Procurement, Remote
2. SMEs in Malaysia?
  • For the manufacturing sector, SMEs are those who have their sales turnover under RM50 million or has lesser than 200 full-time employees.
  • For service and other sectors, SMEs are those who have their sales turnover under RM20 million or has lesser than 75 full-time employees.
3. Who have the right to provide the service and apply the grant?

Only selected Technology Service Providers (TSP) are matching with the requirement of the grants.

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