Value-added solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.

We assist our clients in complying with the requirements of the Companies Act 2016 and relevant legislation.

Whether you are well established or plan to set up a new entity in Malaysia, we can assist with the following services.

Frequently Requested Services

Entity Formation and Business Registration
We can assist you in the following types of registration:

  • Public Limited Company (Bhd.) 
  • Private Limited Company (Sdn. Bhd.)
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Company Limited by Guarantee (Foundation)
  • Society and Association
  • Foreign Branch
  • Representative Office

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Company Secretarial
As your Company Secretary, we can assist you in the areas of:   

  • Providing corporate consultancy as relates to secretarial 
  • Maintaining the Company’s registers and statutory records 
  • Preparing and filing statutory forms relating to company changes 
  • Preparing the directors’ and members’ resolution
  • Organizing the directors’ and members’ meeting 
  • De-registration of the Company
Business License Application
Business needs to obtain a business license to operate legally in Malaysia. We assist our clients in applying for the following types of permits: 

a. General License refers to premise and signboard license. Companies in Malaysia are required to apply for these licenses from the respective local state authority. The requirements may vary from different states of Malaysia. 

b. Industry-specific licenses are licenses unique to a particular industry or sector specified by the Malaysian government. 

  • Construction Industrial Development Board and Engineering License (CIDB) 

A construction company must obtain a license from the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) before undertaking any construction and related activities in Malaysia.

  • Wholesale, Retail and Trade License (WRT)

A company must apply for WRT License if it is in the wholesale, retail, franchise, and direct selling business with foreign equity of more than 50%. The minimum paid-up capital must be RM 1 million.

  • Recruitment License

A recruitment company that operates as a private employment agency must apply for a license from the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia before the commencement of business. 

  • Manufacturing License

A manufacturing company is required to apply for a manufacturing license from MIDA if it has paid-up capital of RM2.5 million and above or 75 full-time employees. If a manufacturing company does not fulfil the requirement, it is advisable to apply for an exemption letter from MIDA. 

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Employment Pass Application
Employment Pass (EP) is a work permit that allows foreign professionals, managers, and executives to work in Malaysia. We can assist you in applying for an employment pass for your expatriate.


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Trademark Application
Trademark is a sign, mark, logo which distinguishes your product and services from your competitors. To protect your legal rights and create strong brand recognition in Malaysia, it is vital that you register a trademark with MyIPO. Trademark your logo now, and we will assist you with the registration.


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Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Application
Malaysia Government promotes the MM2H program to allow foreigners or retirees who fulfill the requirements to stay in Malaysia as their Second Home. The MM2H visa will be granted for a period of ten (10) years and is renewable. We can assist you in applying MM2H permit to have a long-term residence life or retirement pensions in Malaysia. 


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Halal Consultancy
The Halal certificate shows that a product is qualified to be consumed by Muslims. The Halal certificate issued in Malaysia enjoys wide recognition by most of the Muslim countries around the globe. We offer halal consultancy to various industries such as food and beverage, manufacturing, and consumer goods.


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