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Secretarial Services

Services provided by our partner – Indah Group

Company Secretarial Service ensures the compliance of a company and provides advisory services on the companies’ laws and regulations under the Malaysia Companies Act 2016. Besides, it is a suite of services to clients to form/setting up new companies, preparation of necessary resolutions, provides assistance and consultations to the board.

List of the Secretarial Services:

Company Secretarial Consultancy Services

Besides Company Secretarial Services, our team are also well versed in providing consultancy service; we provide consultancy on business restructuring especially for a group of companies.

We can help you with:

a. Registration for:

▪ Franchise with Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA)

▪ EPF, SOCSO and Service Tax

▪ Registration with the Ministry of Finance (MOF)

b. Application of Working Permit and MM2H status

c. Registering Intellectual Properties such as Trademark, Copyright and etc

d. Registration of variety licenses with different local authorities

e. Application of Premises license

f. Signboard license

Why Businesses Need Secretarial Service?

  • Ensure compliance and provides up-to-date advisory services on the companies’ laws and regulations under the Malaysia Companies Act 2016.
  • Ensure the compliance of rules and regulation with Companies Commission of Malaysia, Securities Commission and other authorized bodies.
  • Establish and maintain the company’s registry.
  • Prepare relevant documents and attend meetings such as annual general meetings, extraordinary general meeting, the board of director meetings and any other types of meeting that require the attendance of Company Secretary.
  • Conduct search such as Company Search, RAM Credit Search, Bankruptcy and other relevant corporate information.
  • To act as registrar for Public Listed Company.

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Related Questions:

Is there any restriction on naming my company?

Yes, there are few restrictions on naming a company.

  1. the name has to end with Sdn. Bhd or Berhad.
  2. the name has to be in the alphabet (English, Malay, or Pinyin).
  3. If it is not English nor Malay, the meaning of the words need to be provided.
  4. If the name is close to any other of your corporation, it needs to be proven by an agreement.
  5. If the name is a trademark, need to hand in the agreement and certificate from the trademark’s holder.
Can a company be owned 100% by foreigners?


How long does it take to set up a company?

The whole process takes around a week. However, many external factors can affect the speed. (i.e.: the time client takes to hand in the document, the stability of the governor’s system).

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