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Business Risk Insurance with 3R Strategy

Introduction Insurance is a contract in which an insurance company agrees to pay an amount of money or to compensate the insured party if one or more specified events occur in the future in exchange for payments called premiums. Business…

Insurance Assistance During Covid 19 Wordpress Cover

Insurance Assistance During Covid-19 Crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic is rocking the global economy unlike anything seen before. With countries enforcing lockdowns resulting in business and borders getting shut temporarily, things are not looking particularly healthy for markets everywhere.
Sustaining Family Busineses through Generations Cover

Sustaining Family Businesses through Generations

FROM humble beginning in 1993, Cheng & Co has been serving SME clients for more than 25 years. We have observed that family-owned businesses are among the most common in Malaysia at an estimate of 80%. As a family business…

Personal Financial Planning 101 Cover Wordpress

Personal Financial Planning 101

INTRODUCTION Personal Financial Planning is an important aspect of our lives and it is intertwined with our day to day activities. It is a life-long process and managing and planning one’s finances is the bedrock for a successful and stable…

Single But Not Care Free Cover

Single But Not Care Free

Michael (not his real name), 36, is a manager in a multinational company. He is single and has been with the company for more than 12 years. The problem is, he has been unable to save his income. He has no idea where his money goes and, one fine day, decided to seek my advice.
Retirement Plan

Retirement Life Goal – Analysis And Assessment Process

RETIREMENT LIFE GOAL – THE ANALYSIS AND ASSESSMENT PROCESS The Life Goals Analysis is a tool that allows you to identify if you are on track to achieve your personal goals and objectives. The analysis provides a snapshot of your…

1 Plan for Life

1 Plan for Life (1P4L): Protecting You Come What May

“If a child, a spouse, a life partner, or a parent depends on you and your income, you need life insurance.” Suze Orman Mention life insurance to just about anyone and one can almost imagine a frown as the most…