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12 05

EIS & SOCSO Contribution: A Guide for Employers in Malaysia

Like EPF contributions and MTD, Employers are also obliged to make deductions for SOCSO and EIS contributions on behalf of employees, in addition to making a small contribution to the employees’ accounts out of employers’ pocket. SOCSO and EIS are…

12 04

EPF Contribution: Employer’s Obligations in Malaysia

EPF is a savings fund that private sector employees and employers in Malaysia are obliged to contribute monthly. Although employees’ contribution comes from their salaries, it is actually the responsibility of employers to make the deductions from employees’ and remit…

12 06

A Guide to Monthly Tax Deductions (MTD) in Malaysia

Before monthly tax deduction (MTD) was introduced, it was the responsibility of employees to ensure that, whenever due, income tax is paid from their employment income. When MTD was introduced, as far employment income is concerned, it became the employers’…

12 02

Payroll Records for Payroll Calculations in Malaysia

Payroll documentation serves as sources for the figures used in payroll calculations. Even if you were to outsource your payroll processing, you still need to maintain payroll documentation for each employee, and provide them to your payroll services vendor for…

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The Impact of Blockchain on the Accounting Profession

Blockchain is known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), a digital system that records asset transactions and their details in multiple locations simultaneously. It offers audit firms and accountants an opportunity to streamline their audits and processes since it provides a transparent and immutable record of all data. It helps to ensure that the data is truthful and accurate.
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Global Business Services: BPO in E-Commerce Industry

  From Transition to Transformation  Young and mobile entrepreneurs have adapted to the prevalence of money-making opportunities which is specifically internet or app-based, creating a modernize way of doing business in this new era. Budget 2017 announcement in October last…

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Inspiring Women Leaders Of The Future

By Ms. Tay Lee Hoon, Head of Cheng & Co’s Women Leadership Centre Challenging Stereotypes: Women as Capable Leaders Despite persistent stereotypes and biases in certain parts of the world, women have proven themselves to be equally, if not more,…