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Digitalisation – The New Transformation Trend for Businesses 

Introduction Whether you are aware of the changes in technology brings or not, it indeed alters many ways of how things work; and, digitalisation is one of the outcomes of technology advancement. The word “digitalisation” refers to the process of leveraging…

Post MCO Series Equity Crowdfunding Chinese Version

疫情结束后系列二 : 疫情后的现金流问题,股权众筹来助你!

疫情期间,许多企业都陷入了现金流的困境,你的企业也是如此么? 别担心!股权众筹来帮你! 一般企业遇到了现金流问题,都会向一些民间机构寻求帮助。股权众筹是企业利用发行的普通股和优先股(可转换或可赎回)向公众筹集资金的方式,也是企业筹集资金最快、最具成本效益的投资方式之一。