Business Succession Planning

What is Business Succession Planning to business owner?

Business continuation planning

Business valuation and funding

Our service includes providing advisory to assists client in achieving their financial destiny. We assist them to feel confident about their finances by creating a clear financial roadmap through a tailor-made financial blueprint.

Identifying PSB’s Objective

  • Easy item code creation
  • Customer/supplier item code matching

Business Valuation

  • Capital Assets (NTA)
  • Good Will
  • Human Assets

Buy-Sell Funding

  • Cash Purchase
  • Insurance
  • Sinking Fund

Business Valuation

Value the Business


Determine Funding


  • Insurance
  • Cash
  • Borrowing


Premiums are paid by way of:

  • Dividends and/or Director’s fees
  • Partnership expenses


Enters into a Buy-sell Agreement


All execute a Power of Attorney


All execute their trust Deeds

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