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Business Succession Planning

Business owners who usually require our services for these following reasons: 

  • Business continuation planning
  • Business valuation and funding

Business Succession Planning

Business succession planning is generally a plan for the goods of the company’s performance. It gives an idea of how a business can continue after the retirement, death, disability or leave of the current owner. In this narration, a business succession plan helps to serve as a preparation plan for a business when the business owner encounters any uncertainties.

Our service includes providing advisory to assists the client in achieving their financial destiny. We assist them to feel confident about their finances by creating a clear financial roadmap through a tailor-made financial blueprint. We achieve the goal with these:

Identifying PSB’s Objective

  • Easy item code creation
  • Customer/supplier item code matching

Business Valuation

  • Capital Assets (NTA)
  • Good Will
  • Human Assets

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Buy-Sell Funding

  • Cash Purchase
  • Insurance
  • Sinking Fund

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