Business Consultancy

What is business consultancy to business owner?

We are able to deliver assistance to help and enable business owners especially on SMIs & SMEs to improve and manage operations and performance in their current or new business.

Provide insights and experience in helping business owner achieve business objectives for growth and change in a sustainable manner.

Provide consultancy that can help business owner respond to immediate needs and put in place the right strategies for short and long term plan.

What kind of services we provide to business owner?

General Management Advisory

  • Our team provide business owner with basic guidelines and framework to monitor the business activities.
  • Identify critical activities, projects, and the plan to achieve the organization objective.
  • Schedule the time frame for activities reporting, analysis, and decision making.
  • Aid SMI & SMEs in their operation, productivity, profitability, reporting, management, and ensure continuous improvement.
  • Help businesses solve risk and regulatory problems while providing relevant solutions.


Financial Management

  • We assist business owner to implement management costing system by adopting Activity Based Costing (ABC), Job or Product Process Costing, and etc.
  • We ensure that businesses cost and budget align with business strategy for smooth operations.


Business Strategy

  • Our team can carry out SWOT, balance scorecard and other analysis for the business strategy of the company.
  • Formulate business strategy through Porter’s three generic, Mintzbert and others.


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