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Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy allows the business owner to respond to immediate needs and put in place the right strategies for a short and long term plan. Moreover, it provides insights and experience in helping business owner achieve business objectives for growth and change in a sustainable manner.

Business Consultancy

Business owners can face numerous issues when it comes to operation. Hence, hiring someone with experiences and knowledge to resolve the problems is a more reliable option than trying to figure out the answer cluelessly. Our business consultancy services will enhance your company’s strengths to compensate for the shortcomings; which creates direct positive impacts on the outcome of the company’s performance.

Herewith the list of Business Consultancy Services we provide:

General Management Advisory
  • Our team provide the business owner with basic guidelines and framework to monitor the business activities.
  • Identify critical activities, projects, and the plan to achieve the organization objective.
  • Schedule the time frame for activities reporting, analysis, and decision making.
  • Aid SMI & SMEs in their operation, productivity, profitability, reporting, management, and ensure continuous improvement.
  • Help businesses solve risk and regulatory problems while providing relevant solutions.
Financial Management Advisory
  • We assist the business owner to implement management costing system by adopting Activity-Based Costing (ABC), Job or Product Process Costing, and etc.
  • We ensure that businesses cost and budget align with business strategy for smooth operations.
Business Strategy Advisory
  • Our team can carry out SWOT, balanced scorecard and other analysis for the business strategy of the company.
  • Formulate business strategy through Porter’s three generics, Mintzberg and others.
Other Services
  • Financial, Tax & Legal Due Diligence
  • CFO’S Support Services
  • Corporate Roadmap Towards IPO
  • Preliminary Assessment on Leap Market
  • IPO Taiwan
  • Business Valuation
  • Information Memorandum
  • Agreed Upon Procedure
  • Corporate Transformation
  • Company Profile
  • MSC License Application
  • IP Valuation
  • Review of Grants & Incentives
  • Financial Modelling & Valuation

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