Closing a Business in Malaysia: Essential Tax Documents to Secure from LHDNM

Planning to shut down your company, Limited Liability Partnership, or Labuan Entity in Malaysia? Or possibly shifting your business out of the country? If so, it’s important to tie up all loose ends with Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (LHDNM).

Before you move forward, make sure to secure the following from LHDNM:

1. Tax Clearance Letter:

This document is a certification that all your tax liabilities have been settled.

2. Closure of C File (Income Tax File)

Officially closing your income tax file is vital to ensure that you are no longer accountable for future income tax.

3. Closure of E File (Employer File)

This closure confirms that you’re no longer an employer for tax purposes in Malaysia.

Using Garis Panduan Operasi Bil 1 2022 for Tax Clearance

To understand the terms, forms, and procedures associated with the Tax Clearance Letter, refer to the attached Garis Panduan Operasi Bil 1 2022.

Sample Letters

We’ve also provided sample letters for your reference, including those for Tax Clearance Letter, Closure of C File, and Closure of E File.

Remember, shutting down your business in a correct and legal manner will keep your reputation intact and free you from potential future liabilities.

Feeling uncertain about how to proceed? Contact us right away! We’re always ready to provide assistance and ensure your business closure process is smooth and hassle-free.

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