Generate Your Bill Number for Real Property Gains Tax Payments vis e-CKHT Form 502

From 1 January 2023 onward, it’s mandatory for anyone making payment under Real Property Gains Tax Act 1976 to use Form CKHT 502 via e-CKHT in MyTax Portal. Payments are to be made as per Bill Number Generation system.

However, as we’re still in the period of transition towards the Bill number Generation system becoming fully-adopted, up until 28 February 2023, you may still use the manual Form CKHT 502. Still, eventually you’ll have to know how to generate the Bill Number in order to make your payments.

If you’d like to generate your Bill Number now, the steps are as follows:

  1. Login to MyTax using your Tax Identification Number or TIN (if you have none, please apply through e-Daftar service in MyTax) and password;
  2. Select e-CKHT under the service menu of ezHASIL;
  3. key in your TIN and select Form CKHT 502; and
  4. fill in all needed details and print the payment slip, the bill number would be stated on the slip.

You may pay online or to a counter in a HASiL Payment Centre. For payments over the counter, you would need to print the payment slip or download the Bill Number by scanning the QR Code printed on the payment slip.

For more information on how to complete CKHT 502 and make payments, please visit e-CHKT in MyTax or review the document below.

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